Happy Halloween


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Books to Help You Plan Your Halloween Costume

We borrowed books from the Merced Campus to put together this year's Halloween display! You can check out any of these books.

391 BAK Fashions of the decade: The 1940s (1992) by Patricia Baker

391 BAK Fashions of the decade: The 1950s (1991) by Patricia Baker

391 CAR Fashions of the decade: The 1960s (1990) by Yvonne Connikie

391 CAR Fashions of the decade: The 1980s (1990) by Vicky Carnegy

391 COS Fashions of the decade: The 1930s (1992) by Maria Costantino

391 FEL Fashions of the decade: The 1990s (1992) by Elane Feldman

391 HER Fashions of the decade: The 1920s (1991) by Jacqueline Herald

391 HER Fashions of decade: The 1970s (1992) by Jacqueline Herald

391.9 REE Historic dress of the old west (1986) by Ernest Lisle Reedstrom

646.2 CAM The complete idiots guide to sewing illustrated (2005) by Carole Ann Camp

646.4 ROS The illustrated hassle-free make your own clothes book (1973) by Sharon Rosenberg and Joan Wiener

646.4 ZIE 10-20-30 minutes to sew (1992) by Nancy Luedtke Zieman

646.478 ROG Costumes, accessories, props, and stage illusions made easy (2005) by Barb Rogers

791.33 STO Clown for circus and stage (1981) by Mark Stolzenberg

791.43 EVE Classics of the horror film (1974) by William K. Everson

791.43 FRA Horror movies: Tales of terror and cinema (1985) by Alan G. Frank

792.026 THO Vol. 1 A practical approach to costume design and construction (1988) by Beverly Jane Thomas

792.027 DAV Create your own stage makeup (2001) by Gill Davies

792.027 THU Stage makeup : The actor's complete step-by-step guide to today's techniques and materials (1999) by Laura Thudium

792.26 JAC Simple stage costumes and how to make them (1968) by Sheila Jackson