Global Climate Change Is Real

By: Rudy Paddock

How We Know it is Real

Global Climate Change is happening because of emissions from burning fossil fuels, which are greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide trap the Sun's heat energy in the atmosphere. This energy that is obtained by the gases cause the atmosphere and the Earth to heat up. Since the Earth is heating up it causes things to change around the world, things such as ice caps melting, sea level rising(expected 1-4 feet by the year 2100), and the Artic is expected to eventually not be anything anymore.
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CO2 and CH4

Carbon dioxide,CO2, has the biggest impact on Global Climate Change because there is so much of it from fossil fuels burning and from the regular air in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide captures a great amount of the heat energy from the Sun in the atmosphere. CO2 captures a little more than 54% of the heat energy captured in the atmosphere. Methane, has the second biggest percentage which is only around 25% of the energy captured. Even though methane can trap more energy than carbon dioxide can there is an ample amount of carbon dioxide compared to the amount of methane in the atmosphere.