Ben's CAYU Update

Life at Central Alberta Youth Unlimited

Another year brings some changes

I wanted to let you know that as of this new year I have moved from the position of "Area Director" to "Chapter Development". This change comes after we at CAYU re-structured the leadership to better handle the recent and coming growth. The position allows us to take the time needed in the development of new and existing staff and communities, providing the proper equipping and support. I love the new change, and it feels like a natural fit as well as what is needed in Central Alberta. In Red Deer we are still moving right along within the high schools and we are blessed to have the team we have there. We have decided to step away from the Red Deer building project to give greater focus on the our Youth Engagement growth within Red Deer. If you have any questions regarding this news feel free to contact me.
The side project I started known as "the resilient pawn" , is going well. This is such a great excuse to crash someones living room meet their neighbours and share about the work and needs of CAYU. Thank you so much for your support in this, since we started this idea I've played close to a dozen shows in a variety of locations, and raised almost $8000. If you don't have a disc yet and are a financial partner please let me know and I'll get one off to you as soon as possible. We are doing alright financially but are at a $1000 a month shortfall, we are currently able to cover that shortfall through one time donations but still need to find that money on a monthly basis. If you are able to help in any way be it through a house show, an introduction to a possible partner or sharing the need with someone else, that would be great. A $1000 a month donor may seem impossible but split may ways through many people, this short fall can be met easily. Thanks again for all the support be it through word, prayer, or finance it is privilege to work on your behalf in Central Alberta.

Central Alberta Youth Unlimited