Photosynthesis& CellularRespiration

Yuvan and Jeonghee


6CO2+6H2O+sunlight(energy)=>C6H12O6+6O2 is equation for photosynthesis. Plant get carbon dioxide from human and by leaves, and water from ground through the roots and it is transported through the xylem and phloem which is found in the plants’ stem. The plant absorbs sunlight through the leaves. All of the ingredients are mixed together in the chloroplasts, which are in the leaves, to produce energy for the plant to use, the excess oxygen is put back into the air through the stomatas.

Cellular Respiration

C6H12O6+6O2=>6H2O+6CO2+ATP(energy) is equation for cellular respiration. Animals get oxygen from plants, which is inhaled by the mouth, or nose. The oxygen is taken to the lungs, by the esophagus, the lungs evenly distribute it into the bloodstream. There the oxygen is taken to the cells, which it intakes the O2 into the cell’s mitochondria. The humans intake food, which is the basic source of carbohydrates, which gives the animal’s energy to carry life processes. The food is digested and the carbohydrates is taken in and distributed to the cells. The excess material; water, is taken through the small intestines, which absorbs the water, and takes it out of the body.

Connections between photosynthesis and cellular respiration

Both photosynthesis and cellular respiration are a way to produce energy to organism. They require another source of energy to make their own source of energy, which they use to fuel living processes. Photosynthesis, requires CO2 and produces O2, while respiration requires O2 and produces CO2.