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Southern Accents | Mon 11/10 - Sun 11/16

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You can do it!

We are in the thick of our biggest month of the year and guest what? We still have 3 weeks left in November!!! Are you doing all you can to make the most of it? I love this post from Star Stylist, Georgia Arnold:

Why in the world did I always think I needed to book shows a month out and that once the month started, adding more shows was just impossible? Hogwash. What silliness. I am loving booking in tight. I am loving trying to add two more shows on to my calendar this month. It's such a fun challenge. Who's with me? I am booking two more this weekend. When I first signed on, I booked EIGHT trunk shows before I had actually even officially signed on with SD. I was thinking, what did I do differently four years ago? What am I NOT doing today? The answer? It's so simple...SO EASY. I WORKED! I had no excuses. None of this, "I am too busy," and "I don't have time to do shows." That's a bunch of hippy dippy bolgona (I watch a lot of kids' movies.) You can MAKE time for whatever you feel like putting a little effort into and when you do make the time, it WILL pay off in spades. A trunk show is a total time investment of 5 hours. And if you make $300, that's a pretty good hourly pay rate. I want my biggest November. That will NOT happen unless I do so work. So I am. It's that simple. WORK=REWARD. I am so ready to earn 32%-35%. It's about time. I have been leaving way too much money on the table!

Need some help?

Call and then text

Personalize this customer follow up or prospective message and send!

Your order is on it's way (or hope you are LOVING your recent purchase). Quick thought...Lindsay's show was FANTASTIC and she earned over $XYZ amount in FREE product! Would LOVE to spoil you with a FREE shopping spree by inviting your girlfriends over for a quick Java & Jewels or Sip & Sparkle! Everyone is Holiday shopping...we just launched our new Signature Clover Alphabet Charm Collection which I didn't have at Lindsay's show, and it's the BEST time of year to gather your girlfriends together! I've got next Wednesday, Nov. 19th or Thursday, Nov. 20th available...what do you think? xo, Tysh

Email Blast

Offer a catered trunk show this holiday. Use this flyer template created by Star Stylist, Sarah Field. She's booked three shows already!

Holiday Words to Say

Follow this script to add on November and December shows!

Ideas and Motivation

If you couldn't listen live on Monday, you are going to want to take 30 minutes to listen to the recording of our Southern Charms team call. SO many great tips shared to help you make the most of the coming weeks. Truly worth listening to. Thank you so much to Sarah Field and April Likins for hosting!

Recording info:
(605) 475-4845
Access code 241138 Reference number 92

New or Re-Launching?

Join us for this weekly team New Stylist call where we can't wait to welcome you, share with you about our amazing team, give you inspiration & kudos - plus we'll be sure to leave you with some great tips for you to launch with amazing success!

Tuesday, November 11th
8:00 pm EST
Click here for details

Want to promote?

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I want to be an Associate Director team this month!

What's YOUR Big Hairy Goal? Ask yourself what you are waiting for. Are you waiting for it to be easy? Are you waiting until all your ducks are in order before you take action? Are you waiting for life to be less busy? It's time to stop waiting. Stop over thinking and just act. If you want to sponsor- Go for it! If you want a certain commission check - go for it! I promise you that the thrill of going for it and achieving it will be worth the work!

We're past the $1M mark!

Want to be in the Profit Sharing Pool for our new sister companies launching next year? KEEP Collective is still in Beta testing phase (meaning it hasn't officially launched, yet) and just passed the $1million mark in just 2 months! Can you imagine where that family brands pool will be a year from now? If you promote to Star by December 31st, you will earn a percentage of the profits from these new companies for the first two years of their debut. Who's intrigued?

- $2,300 PQV (personal qualifying retail)
- (4) Qualified Stylist legs (one being Associate Stylist leg)
- $12,500 GQV (group qualifying retail)

Top in Sales to Date (November)

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Home Office Training Calls

30-minute calls almost every day of the week, including a webinar for Prospective Stylists every Thursday! Choose which ones work for you and hop on!
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local stylist meet-ups

Midlothian, Virginia
Monday, November 10th
Cafe Caturra
6:30 Meet Stella & Dot
7:00 Local Meet-Up
Register Here

Princeton, New Jersey
Monday, November 10th
Panera Bread
6:30 Meet Stella & Dot
7:00 Training with Charlotte Pottieger
Register Here

New York, New York
Tuesday, November 11th
Archstone Chelsea Apartments- Gallery Level
6:30 Meet Stella & Dot
7:00 Training with Jessica Sigler
Register Here

Roanoke, Virginia
Wednesday, November 12th
Rancho Viejo Electric Road
6:00 Meet Stella & Dot
6:30 Area Meeting
RSVP to Kianna Wade at 540-761-0343

Check the Events tab (under Training) in the Lounge to find more events happening across the country!


Join me for an observation show!

Wed 11/12 - Brambleton, VA
Friday 11/14 - Brambleton, VA
Mon 11/17 - Tysons Corner, VA
Thursday 11/20 - Broadlands, VA
Friday 11/21 - Brambleton, VA
Sunday 11/23 - Brambleton, VA
Friday 12/5 - Aldie, VA
Saturday 12/6 - Aldie, VA
Wednesday 12/10 - Brambleton, VA
Sunday 12/12 - Charles Town, West Virginia

I'm here for you! Contact me anytime!

Annie Brinker, Star Stylist

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