New England states

By: Tanner

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New England

New England, So pretty and wonderful. We got everything you will ever need, you can get a job in, Farming out on the country side, or work in the city with tech. Or maybe you are lucky enough and good enough to play for the New England sports teams.
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New England Patriots

Fun In New England

Skying and snowboarding are big in New England, Even bigger in Vermont. A great skying resort is the Killington skying resort. They have Skying, snowboarding, day spa, logging, cabins, golf, disk golf, snowmobiling trails, mountain biking, and GREAT VEUSE.

Acadia National park

Acadia National park is a great place to go to for a trip or just go for a couple hours. It is located Main. If you are locoed New England you are not too far of a drive. Some thing you can do at Acadia National park, they have some beaches, great hiking and mountain biking, guided hikes, restraints, pubs

Land Froms

The land forms in New England, New England is a very mountain like region. But if you don't like mountains and farming then you can work in the city witch is less mountain like. But were ever you work you will get paid good.Except if you work for the goverment. They only get paid $100 a year!!!

Lakes and rivers in New England

Some Lakes and streams in New England, Connecticut River, Lake Champion, Lake sham plain, Cape cod bay, Massachusetts bay. These are only some of the rivers and lakes in New England.

Food and Farming

New England has lots of food and farming. One of New England's famous dishes is the New England calm chowder and lobster. Potatoes are so big in Vermont and the people really on the money they make from it that the schools let out students to go help with the harvest. And another big farming food is cranberry

Would you move toNew England?

After all the information I gave you on New England, Would you move there?