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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and were able to enjoy time with friends and family. December was a busy month for all of us at TBE. We enjoyed many school activities prior to leaving for break. Students made memories as they completed projects in their classrooms, participated in Leadership Clubs, and spent time with their buddy classrooms. We were also thrilled with the success of our first ever Holiday Drive-Thru event, which benefited our PTO. Thank you to all the families that came by and supported our school. We saw so many smiles as students and families drove by and experienced the lights, decorations, and grade level themes! It was the perfect way to send us off into winter break!

As we move into the year 2022, we look forward to the end of our 2nd quarter. Students will not have school on Friday, January 14th as this day is set aside for a teacher planning day. Progress reports will be sent home in the weeks after that, as well as be available online. Please make sure you review your child’s progress report and reach out to their teacher with any questions or concerns about their progress.

All students completed their iReady Diagnostic 2 assessment prior to leaving for break, you should have received a report that shows their progress from the first assessment. Students in grades 3-5 will be taking their Quarter 2 Benchmark assessments the week of January 11th. Attendance is very important for these assessments, so please do your best to ensure your child is present in school and arrives on time. Results from the benchmark assessments will be sent home when they are available.

We look forward to a great month ahead!


Mrs. Ledbetter



District Assessment Dates-Please be sure to mark your calendars and plan to be in school for the following testing windows. Thank you for planning appointments and vacations around school and especially testing calendar dates.

o Quarter 2 Benchmark Assessments

o Mon Jan 10 -5th Gr Science (80 minutes)

o Tues Jan 11 -3rd 4th and 5th Gr Math (80 minutes)

o Wed Jan 12 -3rd 4th and 5th Gr Math (80 minutes)

o Quarter 3 Benchmark Assessments-March 7-25

o Post Tests May 16-June 2

As we get closer to test dates later in the year, we will let you know more specific information for your child’s particular grade level.

Out of Zone Applications- requests under Parental Choice are for parent or legal guardians with documented needs or hardships as listed in Board Policy 5120 and House Bill 7029.

o Out of Zone applications will be available as of Jan 10, 2022, at 9:00am.

o Priority window is Jan 11 through Feb 15

o Approval is subject to capacity restrictions

o Transportation is NOT provided by the district

o for more information on district website

o If you are currently out of zone and your child has excessive unexcused absences and/or tardies they are at risk of have Out of Zone privilege being rescinded and/or not to be approved for next year.

Check and Clean Out Backpacks- Please check and clean out backpacks on a regular basis to make sure your child is not bringing toys to school that can be a distraction. Toys, Pokémon cards, pop its, or items that are a distraction will be collected and parents are free to come and pick them up in the front office. Also, students bring home important information from school on Wednesdays. Please clean out backpack every week to make sure you are informed of what might have been sent home.

Dana Franklin-Riashi, Assistant Principal

Tommie Barfield Elementary School


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Thank you for all of your support with our holiday activities during the month of December! In Math, we will continue to count 1-100 and starting from any given number. We will also be adding / subtracting within 10. In ELA, we will be working on retelling of a story to enhance their comprehension along with comparing / contrasting characters in stories. Students should be able to identify uppercase / lowercase letters, beginning – middle – ending sounds of a word, and fluently read between 48-75 sight words by the end of the 3rd quarter. Students will be writing 2-3 complete sentences. In Science, we will be learning about Sound and what causes sound. Social Studies we will be talking about National Holidays - Martin Luther King Jr.

The Kindergarten Teachers

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In reading, we have been working on Module 5. It is called Now You See It, Now You Don’t. The stories have to do with sources of light and dark and the many sources of light. We are exploring blends, compound words, and adding ed to the ends of words. The time to develop a love for reading is when your child is young! Here are a few tips to help your child.

Make sure your child is reading a book at his/her level. Keep in mind, if you are reading to your child the book should be at a higher level.

Let your child see you read.

Limit T.V. and video time and encourage reading instead.

You can help your child by reading stories together and by practicing the sight words so your child will commit them to memory.

In math we will be continuing understanding compare problems using drawings and the bar model. After that we will be making and interpreting data by making tally charts, picture graphs, and bar graphs and we will start into place value. Please review the math papers and exit tickets that are returned to make sure your child is understanding the concepts. Many of the concepts build on previously learned material.

During Leader in Me we have been talking about keeping promises. We are reviewing the habits and talking about our “Big Rocks”. This is habit 3-putting first things first. This habit helps you to think about what is most important to you. Your most important things are called your “Big Rocks.” Little rocks are less important. Take a few minutes to talk with your child about what their big rocks should be.

First Grade Team

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Dear Families! Happy New Year! We are excited for a new year and the sense of excitement and renewal brought with it. January is a great time to reflect over the past year, as well as look ahead to the year to come. We would like to encourage parents and students to discuss how school has been going as we are about to conclude the 2nd nine weeks and make new goals for the second half of our school year.

In math, we will continue to use several strategies (such as the hundred’s chart, number line, counting on, and traditionally stacking) to add and subtract double-digit addends. Please remember to review the skills on the math homework sheet every night to make sure your child understands all learning goal expectations that have been covered throughout second grade. Our end of the year math test will be cumulative assessing all learning goals covered this school year. The math homework sheets allow for you to continue to support your child at home with practice and reinforcement of skills taught in class. Additionally, please continue to practice basic addition and subtraction math facts to build fact fluency.

In reading, students continue to work hard to earn Reading Counts points by taking tests based on the books they have read. We also want to take this opportunity to continue to encourage all students to use iReady for reading lessons. These are individualized on every student’s current reading level. The lessons practice and re-teach reading skills that students find challenging. Encourage your child to take their time and stay focused to pass their iReady lessons.

In writing, the students are improving every week. We are continuing to work on fundamentals of using capitalization, punctuation, and applying phonics and spelling pattern skills when writing unfamiliar words. Please continue to encourage your child to write at home too!

Thank you for all your continued support! We cannot wait to see what the second half of our year has in store for us.

Love, Your Second Grade Teachers


As the second quarter comes to an end, our third graders have continued to do great things!

The students continue to use their math facts to solve multi step math problems. Our multiplication songs are a foundation for the learning of multiplication and division. Please encourage your student to continue practicing and singing them at home. They continue to learn new strategies to help them solve both multiplication and division problems.

In Reading, our students have been working on literary elements, author’s voice, theme, and studying the structure of literature, which includes stories, poems, and plays. In Writing, students are working to improve their persuasive writing. Students just finished writing about why they are a good friend. In Science, the students have been focusing on the properties of matter and the changes that matter goes through. In Social Studies, we learned about the five regions of the United States and labeled the states in each of the five regions.

During our lead time, we are talking about Habit 6: Synergize (Together is Better), think of a meal you can cook as a family. Give each person a job, so that you all contribute to the meal.

Please continue to read with your child every night and practice their math facts. We appreciate your support and all that you do for our students! We hope your families had a wonderful holiday season.

The Third Grade Team

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Welcome back to everyone and Happy New Year. We hope everyone had a relaxing and safe winter break. As we are “keeping the end in mind” with starting a new year we plan to stay focused on growing, learning, and working hard to continue to accomplish our goals and make this a successful new year.

At the end of December, we wrapped up our units on Minerals and Rocks and Weathering and Erosion. Students were able to investigate and classify both rocks and minerals by their properties and further exam the differences between weathering and erosion. We will be moving into our Forms of Energy units, which always seems to be a favorite with our kids!

In math, we finished up our module on factors and multiples and moved into fractions. Students continue to be actively engaged using, mathematical strategies to represent fractions so they become something concrete to them, and not just a number on top of another without a meaning.

Right before winter break all our 4th graders took their quarter 2 reading and math benchmarks along with our iReady diagnostic. These assessments are a very important instructional tool that helps us educators reflect, guide, and better engage our students. We will be sending these results home to share with you in the report cards. We are now diving deeper into Habit 5: Seek First to Understand then to be Understood. Our students should be very familiar with this habit because they have been actively working on and displaying it through our “Connect for Success” lessons.

We are now moving into quarter 3 and that means that state testing is quickly approaching. Please remember that our students are expected to be in school and engaged every day. If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please feel free to contact us here at the school any time. Success will happen as we continue to work together to help, support, and nurture our students so they can reach their fullest potential.

The Fourth Grade Team


Hello, Fifth Grade Families!

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a joyful holiday season! Since our last update, the students have been working diligently in their various subject areas as well as enjoying the fun of the Holiday Shoppe hosted by our PTO and other festivities through related arts, leadership clubs, and core classes.

In Reading, we are answering the essential question, “How can caring for the Earth and its living things improve life now and in the future?” We are working through fiction and non-fiction texts to consider our role in taking care of the planet. We are also researching biographies and finding strong details to support the thesis in our expository writing. Module 6 will prompt us through various texts to answer the question, “How do different art forms impact people in different ways?”

Please continue encouraging your child to read each night for 20 minutes. Read alongside your child and ask him/her questions about his/her book. You can tie your question to module 5 by asking how the main character in the novel is making the world a better place.

For Math, the students were working on the division of fractions until winter break. In January, they are focusing on conversions and measurement as well as adding and subtracting decimals. Please continue to ensure your child is working on the Aleks math program 45 minutes a week (Monday-Sunday).

In Science, we were learning about the organs of the human body until winter break. Since our return, we have been working on organ structures. Please continue to ensure your child is working on USATestPrep on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a total of 45 weekly minutes. It is imperative that you sign the calendar weekly acknowledging your child completed his/her required minutes.

In Social Studies, we are studying the interaction of cultures in North America and exploring the motivations and characteristics of the 13 colonies and colonial life. In January, we will discuss the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King.

We continue to be available if you have any questions or concerns through ClassTag, email, or via school phone.

Thank you for your support!

The Fifth Grade Team

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Happy New Year!!!

It’s the time of year to learn about our instrument families. Students will be experiment with rhythmic instruments and start to play simple tunes on melody instruments. We will learn how sound is produced differently within the four orchestral families. Our older students will begin work on recorders and steel drums, while continuing their ukulele practice. I’m looking forward to some fine performances in 2022!!!

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We had a great December in art at TBE! Kinder through third grade spent a lot of time creating winter art. Kindergarten learned about depth in art and created some penguins and trees that appear very close and some that seem further away. They also learned the difference between real and imaginary and drew zoo and used their imagination to create mashups of animals that they might see in a zoo. First grade learned about movement in art and created art that shows movement in the sky over a quiet winter town. Second grade learned about making prints and made a small printing press and created their own pattern prints. Then they used their prints to make themselves some mittens, hats, and scarves. Third grade created patterns and made ugly sweaters for their textured black and white animals much like Australian artist, Brittany Em. She made art like this when she created dogs in jumpers, or as we call them, sweaters.

First grade through third grade learned about the northern lights and about Snowflake Bentley, the first person to ever take a photograph of a snowflake. Then they used the snowflake alphabet, X I O V, to create some beautiful snowflakes.

Fourth and fifth grade have been doing something a little bit different; they have been spending their time creating, what could end up as, The Yearbook Cover this year or next year’s Sprit Shirt!

If you haven’t check out your student’s artwork on Artsonia, check them out here:

To look at our artist’s work or to see who the Star Student was for each day, follow @beauvaisCCPS on twitter.


Here’s to a new year! To help your student(s) and family sharpen the saw and live a balanced lifestyle, use the Kids On The Go 95210 program to help guide your daily habits! Every day you should get 9 hours of sleep, have 5 servings of fruits & vegetables, use 2 hours or less of screen time, get 1 hour of physical activity and have 0 sugary beverages. The more we take care of our bodies, the better they work!

RUN CLUB: We will be opening applications for our 3rd-5th grade run club members in January. Students are welcomed to sign up and run Wednesdays and/or Thursdays completing at least one mile each week. Students who complete a marathon (26.2 miles) by April will receive a 95210 t-shirt and medal from the Kids On The Go! Program. *If you are dropping your student(s) off early, please do so before 7:45am and park in the lot by the tennis courts. If you are here at or later than 7:45, please go through the car line for normal drop off procedures as the parking lot causes traffic jams for the car line once it is open. Thanks for your support!

Deana Richett


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Our TBE Book Fair was a success! Thank you all for your generosity and support! Thank you to our PTO parents who volunteered at the book fair- we could not have done it without you! These funds go directly back to the media center to purchase new books for our students.

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Speaking of new books our principal just purchased 162 new non-fiction books for our collection! These are high interest books that students love to read and test on!

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Reading Counts gains continue. First through Fifth graders have read 44,239,746 words so far this year. Students in grades 1-5, have taken and passed 5,414 tests on Reading Count Books.


We currently have 4 students who have read all 15 of the SSYRA books. They are now eligible to participate in our end of year carnival celebration! We have 38 students that have read 3 and will participate in voting on April 8th. We have 14 students that are eligible to eat lunch with a friend and administration on February 14 for our “We Love Books and Admin” luncheon because they have read and tested on 7 SSYRA books. On March 4th we will have an Ice Cream Party for students that read and tested on 11 SSYRA books. It’s not too late to encourage your student to join us on this journey! Encourage your student to read some SSYRA books over winter break and join the fun.


Happy 2022 Everyone. We’re moving into the second half of the school. I’m hoping that everyone enjoyed winter break with family and friends.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make sure that your contact information is current incase we need to get a hold of you if your child is sick or an emergency occurs. If you need to update or change anything, please call the main office and they’ll be able to change it for you 239-377-8500.

If your child has medical concerns, please make sure they’re addressed with me NCH Nurse Tricia. I’m at TBE on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and cover another school on Tuesday and Thursday. Roxanne our NCH School Health Assistant is at TBE on Tuesday and Thursday and covers another school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The clinic number is 239-377-8509 and if we don’t answer the phone, it’s because we are busy, please leave a message.

All medications need to be dropped off at the school by a parent/guardian and the proper paperwork needs to be in place before it can be accepted. All over the counter medications need to be in a sealed package and nonexpired and age appropriate. Prescription medications need to come in the original package with the label on it with the child’s name on it and the medication authorization will need to be signed by the physician that prescribed it before medication can be accepted. This is a district policy and it’s same throughout any CCPS school. Thank you.

Tricia Kutzke NCH Nurse

Tuesday and Thursday @Everglades City School

Clinic Hours 7:30am until 3:30pm/ Clinic # 377-9809

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ Tommie Barfield Elementary School

Clinic Hours 7:30 am until 3:30 pm /Clinic# 377-8509


December was a busy, busy month! Thank you to everyone who helped with all the Holiday events. Everything was a huge success and the kids had a blast!

We will continue our monthly Dine-Outs in January with the Tropical Smoothie Café.

We hope to see a lot of families there. Don’t forget to always tell your server that you are there to support TBE!

As always, never hesitate to reach out to the

PTO with any questions or to get involved.

PTO General Meeting: January 11th at 9:00 AM in the Media Center

Dine out at Tropical Smoothie Café: January 12th

3rd Grade Stock the Fridge: January 19th

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Be Proactive! Many of you have been making an extra trip back to the school because something was left at home. To help decrease the number of trips to school and disruptions after classes are in session, try this idea when preparing the night before and/or before leaving for school.

Make a checklist (or print this one below) with your child and hang it up in a prominent place. Each morning your child can check off what you need to bring before you leave the house.

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