Steve Jobs

By: Walter Isaacson


Steve Jobs first house in Palo Alto, California. He spent countless hours working with his friends and Father on small electronic projects.

Rise to Success

Jobs was quickly thrown into the electronic world in 1973 when he became a technician at Atari Inc. Feeling like there were better opportunities for him elsewhere he traveled to India. Here he stayed for seven months to search for spiritual enlightenment. When he was not able to he returned back to Atari, in the U.S. to continue working on their current project "Breakout." After a few years of work, Jobs and his good friend Steve Wozniak decided to create their own business named "Apple Computer Company." They started off by selling circuit boards. In no time, Wozniak created the first Apple Computer and started selling it with Jobs out of their garage. There business exploded and they expanded rapidly.

Complications & Firing

Jobs was able to form one of the most prominent businesses through the hiring of other companies established employees, including John Sculley from Pepsi-Cola. The company went through a rough patch in 1984 creating a power struggle between Sculley and Jobs. This ultimately resulted in Jobs being removed from his managerial position and being completely kicked out of the company. Jobs then found NeXT Inc. which would ultimately lead him back to Apple.

The Return and Grand Finale

In 1996, Apple announced that it would buy NeXT for $427 million and bring Jobs back into Apple. Here he continued to improve the technology that was put into each and every Apple machine. In August 2011, Jobs resigned from his position but stayed as member of its board.

Some Facts:

- Steve Jobs earned only $1 a year by salary
- His net wealth is $8.3 billion
- Jobs used to eat an apple a day because he thought of it as being very healthy
- He was born February 24, 1955
- Steve Jobs passed away October 5th, 2011