Paredes PRIDE... Enough Said

See It Believe It Achieve It

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May 2-6

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  • One Team One Message
    • ​Be on time. Start on Time. End on Time.
    • Publish an agenda in advance and stick to it.
    • ​Make the content count and keep it relevant.
    • Be positive, while providing constructive solutions.
    • Be respectful and open minded.
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Want to see the leaders in action? Just let us know!

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Monday PTA Coffee Bar, lunch provided by Advanced Financial Strategies BBQ Sandwich, Chips and drinks.

Tuesday: Paredes Breakfast Tacos

Wednesday: PTA Coffee Bar, lunch provided Sterling Group Turkey Croissant Sandwiches, chips and drinks.

Thursday: PTA Coffee Bar, Paredes Chocolate Fountain!

Friday: PTA Coffee Bar, Lunch PTA Potato Bar!

Please thanks all those who help to provide all these special treats next week!

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Teachers Are Superheroes!!!


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STEM Competition

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Shout Outs

Thank you to all the faculty and staff sending in your SHOUT OUTS and Pictures!!!

Thank YOU Teachers and staff for all your support after our faculty meeting stay positive and focused on the STUDENTS!!! I am PROUD to work with such amazing people!!

SHOUT OUT to Ms. Kordes and Ms. Bartz for taking our students to the STEM Competition we got 3rd place!!!

THANK YOU To our awesome Custodial Staff for getting an excellent inspections!!!

FROM THE OFFICE STAFF- THANK YOU faculty and staff for this week we are so grateful for everything.

FROM MS. HIGHTOWER- Ms. Hightower would like to congratulate the following Read 180 students who have read over 100,000 words for the year: Izabella Castillo, Yaisel Castillo-Madrigal, Cristian Siliezar, Caitlyn Alves, Will Watts, Natalie Banda, Daizy Figueroa, Bella Gonzales, Evelyyn Llanos, Laura Sayer, and Briana Westcott!

Additionally, these Read 180 students have read over 150,000 words for the year: Emilia Maya, Nathalie Neri, Daniel Cisneros, and Veronica Luna Jimenez!

Please say "congratulations" to these students! I am so proud of their achievement and hard work!

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  • Copier codes are in effect see Ms. Tompkins if needed.
  • Please be PROACTIVE and ACTIVELY on duty every passing period.
  • Please assume the best of intentions and appreciate each other because YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
  • Please take attendance everyday every period and let us know if students tell you they saw a student earlier in case they are skipping class. We need to get our attendance up!!
  • Please review our technology policy with your students, RED, YELLOW, and GREEN signs can be reprinted by Ms. Beck or Mr. Hendricks.
  • Please review your expectations with every class since SPRING FEVER IS IN THE AIR!! Continue to make lessons engaging and exciting!!
  • Please remember to call the office for an escort if a student is having behavior issues or is out of dress code.
  • Pull out tutoring is ongoing talk to Ms. Kinslow if you have any questions. See schedule below.
  • Please send updates to our website to Ms. Randolph.

REMINDER- 6th grade uses the TECH Signs below as well on the shared drive under MEMES... TOO CUTE 6th GRADE!!

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This Upcoming Week

MONDAY- Monday Meetings, Last week of SSI

TUESDAY- Grade Checks LINK BELOW, Professional Faculty Meeting, AVID Cording Ceremony



FRIDAY- eCST Meeting

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May 4 is Family Fitness Night and Parent Training at Paredes

REMINDER Copier Codes Are In Effect!!

Per our previous staff meeting discussion- We are going to switch over to using your E # to login on the Ricoh copiers on Tuesday, April 26th. (You will just enter your 6 digits, do not enter the "E")

Now that we have codes please DO NOT allow students in the teacher workroom and please do not give them your E#.

See Tompkins or Savedra for questions.

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Excellent STAAR Lead4ward Resources

Insightful Article About SPED

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We need 1 More

As a part of the new Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) Appraisal System, teachers will be required to complete one Student Learning Objective (SLO) as a measure of student growth. To help facilitate this process, each campus principal will have the opportunity to assign teachers to serve in the role of PPfT SLO Campus Contact for the 2016-2017 school year. Each SLO Campus Contact will earn a $500 stipend at the end of the school year for their successful service in this role. The characteristics and responsibilities of the SLO Campus Contact include:

* Attending required face-to-face summer training

* Attending online meetings throughout the year

* Serving in a campus leadership role

* Being comfortable with technology

* Facilitating and monitoring the completion of the SLO process

* Directing teachers to the appropriate SLO resources

* Communicating timelines and reminders to teachers and appraisers

* Serving as a point of contact between campus and district


Vertical Team Event- See Coach Almanza, Mr. Johnson or Ms. Savedra

The Akins High School Band is proud to present the first annual Akins Community 5K and Festival!

Saturday - April 23rd, 2016 / Akins HS / 9:00am - 2:00pm

The Akins Community 5K and Festival is a new fundraising event supporting all the schools of the Akins HS Vertical Team:

Akins HS

Paredes MS- What ideas do you have to help us fundraise or does your organization want to sell something?

Blazier ES

Casey ES

Kocurek ES

Langford ES

Menchaca ES

Palm ES Perez ES

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