Lady Duff-Gorden

By: Ryan

Passenger's personal information

Lady Duff-Gorden was born on June 13, 1863. She was at the age of 48 when she was on the Titanic. She traveled with 2 people, Miss Laura Mabel Francatelli and her husband Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gorden. They all survived.

The Ship

The Titanic was 882 feet 9 inches long. The height, from the base of the keel to the top of the bridge, was 104 feet! Lady Duff traveled in first class. This part of the ship was for politicians, businessmen, bankers, professional athletes, industrialists and high-ranking military personnel's and they lived in very luxurious cabins. Her ticket, ranged anywhere from 30 British pounds to 870 British pounds. In today’s money you could expect to pay an average of $70,000 per first class ticket!

Disaster and rescue

The Titanic sunk shortly before a rocket was seen from the Carpathia. Lady Duff-Gorden was put in lifeboat #1 which only held 12 passengers when it was lowered.In the morning of April 15, the passengers of Lifeboat 1 were taken aboard the Carpathia, a ship that answered Titanic's distress call.Not long after the disaster, the Duff-Gordens were back in England. They became the subject of much ridicule in the press, with their lifeboat being called the "money boat" because the perceived bribe by Cosmo. The reports indicated that the money was offered to the crew to prevent them from returning to the wreckage site.

Life after the Titanic

Lady Duff-Gorden lived at 6 villas-on-the-Heath, Hampstead, London. She rented a shop and workspace at 24 Old Burlington Street, London, between Bond Street and Regent Street. 'Maison Lucile' was a success and the 'personality' dresses of 'Lucile' were immediately popular. At the time of her death in April 1935, aged 71, she was living in a nursing home in Putney, London.