The French revulution

By Ethan Sorenson

Who Revolted?

Pretty Much everyone Revolted most the population did,Also a lot of the soldiers did almost everyone wanted change.
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Why did they revolt?

They revolted cause because they had social equality.And economic reasons they were Living in a monarchy and were done being treated poorly.the king was losing money so he just kept raising the taxes which the people couldn't pay cause they were having bad harvest and the cattle was dead from the disease
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How they organize

At first it was not planned some people first attacked Bastille then people everywhere started revolting and using a guillotine to beheaded Nobles and the king their main leader was Napoleon.
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How the government reacted

At first the government were going to send the guards to kill the people revolting than they realized that most the guards left and join the revolt so they were vastly out numbered so there wasn't much they could do
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