Babe and Me

by: Trevor Speice

The book and The author, Dan Gutman

The publishing date or copy right date is 2000. The author is Dan Gutman. The genre fiction.

The Plot Summary

It all began when the boy discovered baseball cards. They felt cards that felt magical to him. He was sitting at the kitchen table with his dad. The cards were old. His mom and dad got into a divorce and his dad came back to visit. His dad was poor. He was looking for a way to and his dad said,"Hey can I borrow those baseball cards from you." The mother said," Well what for." He said," to sell them and get some money off of them." She said,'Well its up to him." The kid replied," Hey dad how bout I go get them and see them first." So he brought them down and they looked at them and then the boy pick up the card with Babe Ruth on the front. When he picked it up it seemed like he was going back into to time so he dropped it right then and there. So the dad said to the mom," Can he come with me to get me some money?" She replied,"Well..... yes but only for 3 days."

The dad and the boy drove where the dad was living and they got dressed as they dressed in the past. Then the boy and the dad both held the Babe Ruth card and they started felling the magic of it and suddenly they were back in time when Babe was playing in the world series. Then like that Babe was coming threw town and everyone was crowding around the long car. All the little kids were trying to get his autograph before he left. The boy didn't go into time and a boy ran by and dropped a piece of paper. The boy picked it up and the dad came over and said" Give me that." After awhile from arguing the boy gave it back. Then a guy came up to them and said," Babe saw you and that dad and he wanted you to come to his apartment. They said," Okay we will be over."

The dad went to buy a bunch of new baseballs. Then he and his kid went to the apartment where he lived and went to his room and he asked Babe's wife and daughters and they said he was in the kitchen. So they went to the kitchen and said," Hi Babe.' He didn't realize him. They talked then the went to get food. The they went to get on the train and they almost got left there. They traveled to Chicago. The kid and Babe went to get something and the dad stayed back to look over the ball park. Him and Babe came back and he tried to find his dad and then they spotted each other. They went to sit in their seats and they spotted the president and went over to tell them that a war was coming and get ready for the fight. Then the guards took him out of the ballpark but not the kid the kid got invited into the dugout. he was telling one of the players that Babe's third bat he's going to call his home run and its going into right field. Babe did exactly what the kid said. The ballgame was over and he couldn't find his dad. Finally he found him and said," Where's all those baseballs.' His dad said,' Don't worry about those I got the home run ball." Then a little kid didn't catch a ball and it rolled right to them and it was made from socks and rubber bands and they kept that one and threw the kid the home run ball.


The setting takes place at New York and Chicago. It effects the story by Babe was in the the World Series and it wouldn't make sense if it was in basketball season and trying to get Babe's called shot.

Antagonist and Protagonist

The antagonist is the guards that protect Lincoln. One example is that they didn't listen to the dad and they took him. Second is that they toke him out of the ballgame. Third is that as soon as his dad got back in they took Lincoln out of the ballpark.

The protagonist is the dad and his kid. One reason that they do good things and make good choices in the book. Second of all is that he gave the little boy the home-run ball and kept the made up ball. Third of all he got his kid back home in time.

The Point of View

The point of view is first person because it the little boy talking. Its important to the story by is shows what he's feeling and what he thinks. Its important by what he feels about the other people.

The Conflicts

Some conflicts in the story is one that Babe and the coach get into when Babe was like a minute late to get on the train and Babe said," Well do me to come," and the coach said," Okay and they can't come ." Babe said the same thing. Another conflict is when the boy picked up a piece of paper and the others boy's dad said," Give me that or I will knock you out right here kid."

The Theme

One of the themes is sharing is caring. One reason that this is true is because a kid missed a ball and the ball was made up of socks and rubber bands like things. The kid picked it up and looked at his dad and he had the home-run ball and he threw the home-run ball to the kid and kept the sock one. The boy looked at the ball as if he just won the lottery or just got gold. This shows that the kid and the dad was caring about the boy and shared (gave) the boy the new ball or home-run ball.