Types of Chemical Reactions

Audrey Bowling


Definition: reaction in which two or more substances react to form a single substance.

Equation: 2Na + Cl2 ----> 2NaCl

Ex: hydrogen and oxygen react to make water.


Definition: reaction in which a compound is broken down into two or more substances.

Equation: 2H2O ----> 2H2 + O2

Ex: When electricity passes through water and turns into hydrogen.

Single Replacement

Definition: reaction in which one substance is traded for another substance.

Equation: Cu + 2AgNO3 ---> 2Ag + Cu(NO3)2

Ex: Copper replaces silver in silver nitrate to create copper nitrate.

Double Replacement

Definition: Two different compounds exchange positive ions and form two new compounds.

Equation: Pb(NO3)2 + 2KI ---> PbI2 + 2KNO3

Ex: When Potassium Iodide solution is poured into a Lead Nitrate solution.


Definition: Reaction in which a substance reacts with oxygen and creates heat or light.

Equation: CH4 + 2O2 ---> CO2 + 2H2O

Ex: When methane burns in an unlimited supply of oxygen.