Month in Review

March came in like a lion and out like a lamb! We learned all about energy! We learned that we need energy to do work. We learned about kinetic, potential, chemical, light and wind energy. We went outside to fly kites and use wind energy. Our classes used rubber bands to demonstrate potential and kinetic energy. All the hands on learning was really fun! The students also learned about St. Patrick's Day and Easter. The students got to make special Irish drums. We had a lot of fun coloring Easter eggs and having an Easter egg hunt. We learned about the new movie Zootopia and enjoyed eating some homemade popcorn. We also learned about The Very Hungry Caterpillar and ate caterpillar cupcakes. To celebrate the return of the twin astronaut we ate twin tacos and apple sauce from pouches. The students also helped make veggie pizza and enjoyed eating it afterward. Our character trait for March was thinker. Students learned the importance of thinking out decisions, learning new things and identified when other students were using "thinker" skills.


It is hard to believe how much the students have learned during dance! The have learned three complete dances for the recital. They will be using props for one of their dances. They had learned many ballet terms and dance moves. The students will be performing on May 5th at the Civic. The students will need to wear jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes the day of her performance. Each student will be given a ROAD shirt at the recital. There will be around 300 students performing. Admission is free so come out and support our class!


As you know, our students participate in Alternate Assessment. This year 6th graders had to take a Social Studies test in addition to the Math and Language Arts test. 8th graders had to take the Science test along with the Math and Language Arts test. The 7th graders were lucky and only had to take Math and Language Arts. Mrs. Anderson's class completed their tests before Spring Break. Mrs. MacDougall's class will be finished by April 15th.

Student of the Month

Zephaniah was our student of the month! He possess "thinker" qualities in and out of the classroom. When in the classroom, he always stops to think before he answers his questions and during Reading class you can tell he is really thinking about what you are reading by the way he pays attention and appears deep in thought. We are so proud of you Zephaniah! Keep up the good work.
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April Curriculum

This Month we are learning all about the Economy. Students will learn about earning money, spending money, saving money and making wise decisions with money. We will talk about budgets and banks. The trait of the month is Principled.

Upcoming Events

May 3rd - Bowling Tournament

May 5th - Civic ROAD performance

May 11th - Rubber Ducks game ( more info to come)

May 25th- Picnic at the Park

May 30th - No School

June 2nd- Last Day of School