Mountain Messages

District 1A Western Region

November 14-20, 2015 Education Celebration Cyber Conference!

Enjoy collaborating with peers and participate in professional development on your own time!

Celebrate American Education Week with some new ideas!

Click on the link below to participate!

When you have finished the sessions you choose to participate in, please click the link below to complete the form so that you will receive credit!

Hope you enjoy this event!

Regional Leadership Teams

Celebrate American Education Week

November 16-20, 2015

Take time to share appreciation for fellow educators!

Write a "thankful" note to at least one person in your building.

Send a special card, poster, or note to ESPs.

Thank those "behind the scenes" that make your school operate daily.

Think about and post on your door, in your hall, or on social media 2 things you are thankful for having the opportunity to do as an educator.