Module 5 - Post Assessment

This is the end of Module 5 :)

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Today's Assignment

Planning.You may have heard the proverb, "He who fails to plan, plans to fail." Why, you may ask, is my teacher talking about planning and failing? It all has to do with the steps to a polished Module 5 post-assessment; the key is in the planning.

It's now time to apply what you've learned in lessons one through three from module 5. You've studied plot elements, read a master story teller, and applied those elements to his story. It's now your turn. Begin your challenge of writing an exciting mystery today and put the final touches on it tomorrow! In this assignment, you'll use the literary terms reviewed in this module to create a plot framework for a detective story. I'm soooo looking forward to reading your original works!

There are no limits for this story: length, societal problems (although one would suffice), etc, but as seniors who've spent 16 years reading and appreciating what makes a good story, I DO expect you to have a pretty good idea of how to write one yourselves!! I don't expect (nor do I want!) a 15 page story, but a good 2 to 3 to 4 would be just fine with me :) Bottom line, get creative and have fun!!! And as always, if you have questions, just ask...
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