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Weekly Update -May 4, 2015


Please have students bring their earbuds to school. They will need them for the MAP test.

Week In Review

We had a full week last week, at least it seemed like it to me!

In Math, we started on Unit 14. It is about measurements. We learned about customary units of measure in length, capacity and weight. If you get a chance, especially show your student the differences between pints, quarts and gallons. We have also worked on conversion from inches-feet-yards-miles, cups-pints-quarts-gallons, and ounces-pounds-tons. Many students are still working on this concept, so any help you can give your student and practice would be appreciated.

We continued with our poetry unit, focusing this week on figurative language. We learned about similes and metaphors and are trying to use those techniques in their own writing. We have continued with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are using film clips to do compares and contrasts between the text and the video. They are doing a fabulous job with it.

We had a good balloon popping week. We will hopefully continue our good streak of great behavior and be successful with our balloon pops! I hope they are enjoying them!

Weekly Calendar

Monday, May 4th
Math Topic 14-6 due

Tuesday, May 5th
ELA MAP testing 10:30-1:05
Fourth Grade MAP testing
Recess: 1:05-1:25
Lunch: 1:30-1:55
6:15: PTO Meeting in the Learning Commons
4:30-8:00 - Incoming Kindergarten Screening

Wednesday, May 6th
7:55 am Razzamatazz
Math MAP testing 10:30-1:05
Fourth Grade MAP testing
Recess: 1:05-1:25
Lunch: 1:30-1:55
4:30-8:00 - Incoming Kindergarten Screening

Thursday, May 7th
8:00 Explorations Club
I have a 1/2 day out of the classroom
AIMSWEB testing

Friday, May 8th

8:00 Volunteer Breakfast
Spelling Test
Movie Day
2:00 Fire Drill

Week 33

We will celebrate the end of MAP testing on Friday, with a movie day.

Math: We will continue with Topic 14 this week. I have not planned out the whole unit, but we will probably be taking the test in the beginning of next week.

Units of Study
First and foremost, we will be taking the MAP test. I will not assign any homework for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will continue with poetry this week. We will be discussing rhythm, syllables and themes.

In Health, we will continue to discuss healthy eating habits

Small Reading groups :
Since finishing with the small reading groups last week, we will be working in small groups, but we will all be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In addition, I will be pulling special groups and work on specific goals that I see they might need. We will also be utilizing smaller texts in order to bolster our reading levels.

Spelling Week 33

There are no more spelling word weeks, so in order to give students an option to increase their grade, I will come up with two more weeks from our prior weeks.

DOJO Store

As we have done all year, we will have the DOJO store during the last week. I would appreciate any donations to the store. Thanks in advance.

Study Island

We will start working more with Study Island this quarter. This is another reason why I would like to request students have their devices if possible. I will be sending the log on papers home this week. Study Island is a great online tool that helps students learn and review material that they should have learned in their career so far at Castlio. It also helps them prepare for the State Standardized test, by asking questions in a way that will be similar to the test.
The generic log on for Study Island is as follows. For the username use the initial of your first name, followed by your last name, followed by @castlio (example: Tlongmore@castlio)
The password is your student's ID number (lunch number) (123456).
I have assigned a Comm Arts practice to the class if they would like to dabble in this at home. There is a Math practice attached too, but it is referring to Topic 10, so we should probably wait for it.

Log Ins

Big shout out to Austin, for preparing a sheet with all the logons, with examples for the students. He did this on google docs and then shared the document with me. I have in turn shared it with all of your students through their google drive account. Thank you Austin!
username: first initial followed by last name @castlio (example: tlongmore@castlio), if this does not work, I added a 1 after the students name (example: tlongmore1@castlio)
password: school id followed by "ca" (example: 123456ca)

One Drive
password: 4thGrade!
For the password, you must use the capital and lowercase letters and the exclamation point.

Voice Threads
The link has to go to the FHSD subscription, so here is the link
email: the students ID number (123456)
password: francis

You can click on this link and go directly to my site:
Then select your student's name and their password is 1234. In the future, I will get parent codes in the system, but as of right now, I do not have them.

Study Island
For the username use the initial of your first name, followed by your last name, followed by @castlio (example: Tlongmore@castlio)
The password is your student's ID number (lunch number) (123456).

Discovery Education
first initial, last name @castlio (example: tlongmore@castlio)
password: 12345
first initial, last name and last 3 digits of the student (example:
Password: fh123456 (fh followed by the students id or lunch number)
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