By: Jeffry Janzen


Hunting is pretty much a sport for food or just for fun that includes hunting any type of wild game. Hunting has been in prehistoric time’s culture and now in ours today. It went from survival to enjoyment of a sport. Today in hunting we have it easier to hunt than back when guns were not even invented. “The trap and snare, the bow and arrow, and falcons and hounds had previously been used; rifles now facilitated the bringing down of fleeing birds and animals at greater distances and in greater numbers.” (Cassell 1)


Methods of hunting, is based off of the animal hunted. Like people who hunt ducks and geese hide in blinds and camouflaged areas. They use decoys and calls to bring them into shooting range for a shotgun. Larger game includes more, “Hunters of larger game-for example, deer-employ four techniques: still-hunting, stand hunting, stalking, and driving.”(Casssell 2) Cassell once said, an animal that is sighted but out of range is stalking.


There are a lot of animals that are hunted in North America. Mostly deer, elk, moose, bear, caribou, pronghorn, rabbit, squirrel, duck, geese, pheasants, and turkeys are hunted today in North America. Cassell said today in Asia that, “Among the animals hunted in Asia are elephant, tiger, wild sheep, deer, bear, rabbit, waterfowl, and pheasants.” Asia has some of the same animals we do but they have elephants and tigers. You can bag a diversity of game in Africa because they have a lot of animals there and different types.