Juan Fiesta

A Party for Everyone!

Number of Players:

2, 4, or 6 Players


The objective is to get to the end of the board before the other players. You must also have the most points earned from team battles. The first person to the end with the highest amount of points wins!


Make sure that all game cards are in their correct pile and place the stacks on the right side of the game board. Place all player pieces on the start space.


First Turn

To decide who goes first, all players roll the dice. The Player with the highest number goes first and the turns rotate clockwise.

Turn Overview

  • If your piece is on a white space or the starting space, you start off you turn by drawing a card from the white stack. If you answer the question correctly, then you may move the number of spaces indicated on the card.
  • If your piece is on a red or blue space and at least one other player is on the same color space, both you and however many players are on a color space will draw a card as a group from the same color stack. If more than 2 people are in this group, the players will split into teams. Whichever team wins the group activity rolls the dice and gains individual points as to what number was rolled on the dice.

Point System

You earn points if you win in a team round, and points are required for you to win. Not only must you be the first to the winner space, you must also have or tie the most amount of points. If you do reach the winner circle with an inadequate amount of points, you will continue around the circle until you have enough points.

Card Types

Get Lucky Cards

There will be 25 cards in this deck

  • Get Lucky cards give an opportunity to either help you win or make you lose the game. These cards have captions like Move forward, Move back, and Steal or Give points. These cards are not optional and you must do as they instruct you to.

Winner's Circle and End of Game

  • The Winner's Circle serves as the finish line in the game. If you reach the circle while having the most points, you automatically win. However if not, you must travel around the circle, composed of only red and blue spots, and become the leader in points to win.
  • The game will end when a player that has entered the winners circle has the most points.