Brave New World

Utopia or Dystopia ?

“But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”

This quote has to be my favorite out of the novel. It questions the central conflict is it better to be submissive and controlled while living in a perfect world or feel pain and agony in a real John the savage says this quote to Mustapha Mond here we see how numb John has become he seeks pain anything to get them to feel alive. John is saying he doesn't just want to exist he wants to live. He says he wants god because he is tired of everything being explained by science he wants the false illusion of there being more to the universe we can never find out.It relates to a dystopian society because really the quote points out everything the society is lacking and when you sit back and look it appears to be a pretty dreary place.The irony is In todays world these are the things that make up who we are.

Is America a dystopia ?

America also known as the land of the free is presented as a safe place where anything is possible. A place where miracles happen and people are able to escape their foreign land to come to a place of salvation and hope. We are said to be peacemakers and have alliances to our neighboring countries. However these brightly lit pictures we have painted of ourselves are very misleading. We are far from perfect and as a country have our own flaws. We are often referred to as a conceited county only interested in our own gain. So the question is how free are we? Is America and our society today really the best it could be? And with our generation are we headed toward a dystopian society? America is a dystopian because we rank ourselves into categories, we are tested on our knowledge and morality in all the wrong ways, and we live in a world where superficial beauty rules.

Today in society as people we have established a hierarchy of social class and we all strive to fit into one. From jocks to nerds to the popular kids, verses the freaks and the thrill seekers although it sound cliché these are very real. From an early age we are taught to think a specific way and based on our family’s economic status and looks we are cast into categories that define us our whole lives. Even if we aren’t aware of it we have our own deltas which I assume would be the elite like the president and governors. Then of course beta theta and ellipse which would range from celebrities to middle class families. Our fault is in the fact that when we are born as bad as it sounds we are already ranked and put into a category. Now of course there are the few who have those amazing miracle stories of how they changed their life and became rich and famous but those are a slim few.

We are constantly taking test that rank us and place us in yet another category and group. There is little room to be different and unique. The pressure that is piled on at such a young age is outrageous and as time grows on it only deepens. We are so focused on fitting in that we fail to see our faults. This is why books such as Brave New World and The hunger games are so relatable because they mirror our everyday life in many ways. The Capitol in the hunger games sits back and watches as two innocent people are selected to fight to the death with other contenders .Most readers cringed at the thought thinking that is so barbaric to sit back and do nothing, however in our society today kids in low economic countries are taken from their homes and trained to kill everyday while here in America we sit knowing this and idly do nothing.

Women send an average of 15,000 dollars on make up a year, isn’t there something wrong with that statement? Our society is fixated on beauty it is the one obstacle that people would kill for. However superficial it may seem it plays a significant role in our society. From plastic surgery to designer clothes our money goes toward our looks more than donations for the poor. The concept of beauty becomes distorted over time and because of this we find ourselves constantly changing in order to keep up with the latest trends .You see when you are so enveloped with the need to be relevant and beautiful often there is little room to think about anything else. The government feeds us these images on TV (similar to Brave New World) and they are these images of beautiful people on a beach so happy and worry free they make it look irresistible so what do we do? Go out and buy the product of course! We willingly hand over money at the thought of being happy and beautiful.

The society we live in today is and will always be a dystopia we live in a world where we fight to get to the top, and to be the most successful. However the one thing we are is powerful I feel as though we wouldn't want to be a utopia we are a real and raw society and our faults help shape us. Of course there is always room for corrections but we are who we are. Hopefully in the near future we can make changes so we won’t have to ever get to the Brave New World point.

Welcome to the new age !

Radioactive is a song about living in a post apocalypse world and fighting back. It is the perfect theme song for Brave New World. With lyrics like “I’m waking up I feel it in my bones enough to make my systems blow welcome to the new age” this mirrors John and his struggles fitting into this new world when he realizes the capitol is not the perfect dream he assumed it was . “I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus” these lyrics remind us of how the citizens are not free they are prisoners, left to take soma and never think for themselves or question what is morally right or wrong.” All systems go, sun hasn't died Deep in my bones, straight from inside” these lines express the grasp of hope left in a hopeless world. People in brave new world such as Mustapha Mond and John the savage even Bernard at one point question life’s purpose and in that small step they are fighting back. “Welcome to the new age” is a way of imagining the not far off future. He is upset by the current state of things in the present because of fear of what might become of the future. We often see hesitation from our main characters (Mustapha Mond, Bernard, and John) they see what has become of their world and fear what their future could be. He's painted red to fit right in is a reference to the color things have become with all of the chemicals in the air. This is perfect for describing how the characters in Brave New world are all clones made the same to fit in.Radioactive is a battle song and it should be the theme of Brave New World because that's what the central issue is do we fight back or submissively stay put ?
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Shakespearean allusion

"O,wonder! How many godly creatures are there here ! How beauteous mankind is ! O brave new world that has such people in't ! "

This quote is from the Shakespeare play the Tempest. Miranda who was raised on an isolated island was only familiar with her father and the servants that looked after her.So naturally upon seeing other people for the first time she is uncontrollably exited and says this quote.However what she is actually encountering is drunken men sauntering around after their ship has wrecked. The irony is this new world she has encountered isn't so much of a dream.John the savage often uses Shakespearean quotes throughout the novel. John uses this quote because it helps him express the anxiety and excitement of arriving in a foreign world where everything is new. The irony in Brave New World of course is that the utopia John thinks this world is happens to be a dystopia,where people are controlled and lack original thoughts.The main conflict in both stories is the issue of civilization versus being savage. John's use of Shakespearean quotes illuminates his need to express his pain and passion. We see he often can relate to made up characters rather than the people around him. His obsessive need to feel wanted threatens to blind him from the brutal reality that he like Caliban from the tempest is truly alone in a selfish world.

Against /for GMPs

The idea of genetically modified humans is quite sickening in my opinion. When we begin to tamper with our natural instinct and the creations of humans we risk offsetting the balance of our existence. Although we have many different interpretations of why we exist and who is responsible conception and birth are all constant factors around the world. To conceive a child is an art and giving birth is a primal instinct even animals have. Creating humans in a Petri dish is unnatural there is no telling the things that could go wrong. Of course I do see the upside of genetically modified humans, like the fact that the environment is controlled. You could make the perfect human disease free, the ideal height and weight even put in desired traits like full lips and big eyes. So in the end I think it would be okay to use for things such as disease, however the rules for Humans would be no purely cosmetic alterations no purely size, shape & form alterations. Fixes for all severely handicapping physical genetic diseases would be allowed . But then you get into the issue of who decides what deficiencies can be lived with and which ones cant. I’m not sure whether to give dwarf's and giants special rights to selectively breed themselves out of existence. “Geneticists fear that one day this method could be used to create new races of humans with extra, desired characteristics such as strength or high intelligence” (Dr.Mercola). The problem is with new discoveries comes a line of uncertainty and the question is what if something goes wrong? These are human lives we are tampering with its not as simple as oh we made a mistake let’s just try another person. Are we willing to risk human lives for the sake of innovation? And whose choice is it the parents the governments? What if there is a problem or death who gets the blame who takes responsibility ?Of course also there will be power hungry people looking to enhance their race or create a super breed, clones the tough truth is in our world today I'm not sure I trust mankind to make morality decisions. I feel the world today is already so backwards that we cannot afford to innovate. Especially since we take the bible so literal if we made an exception to making humans then things such as gay marriage would seem minute. We have to as a whole decide what is ethical and just like in Brave New World what limits do we draw what lines can we cross? Surely it won’t stop at this we will want to continue to create a better faster smarter more efficient human and soon the creation of natural humans will be extinct. It is my opinion that we should take heed of the warning from books such as Brave New World and realize that the world should be left how it was created. We need to accept the fact that you cannot control everything and maybe this is how it is meant to be. Because one day you could lose all humanity and soon there will only be memories of a real world .

Holding out for a Hero !

Katniss Everdeen I imagine would find our society to be well a utopia ! Compared to her drastic life living in fear that death might be lurking behind every doorstep, our care free way of living would seem almost perfect in her eyes. Katniss and every other civilian living in the district were forced to grow up and work relentlessly to feed their families, while in our society we worry about things as translucent as getting our hair and nails done. Katniss would be very confused at why there is so much depression and stress in a free world where children don't have to die, and you are free to have choices and roam where you please. Naturally Katniss would want to go hunt for meals ,because all her life this has become a second nature to her. However she will soon realize that there are stores to purchase food from.Like John in Brave New World Katniss would soon see this utopia is not so perfect. She will begin to see similarities in our two worlds like the fact that we let our neighboring counties starve while we (the capitol) sit back and do nothing (look away).Second the fact that in foreign countries kids are being taken from their homes and forced to fight and kill every day while we stay at home and choose not to listen.These thoughts give her chills, and she begins to protest even gathering a small group of fifty people to travel to the countries and fight back even though she is advised not to by all her new friends the rebellion in her proves to be stronger than any words. Katniss saves over 300 people and counting. She is given a medal of bravery from the president and continues to take mission groups all around the world.She is and always will be our dystopian hero.

Saving our future

Thursday, March 20th, 12pm

Uganda, Africa

We are planning a rescue trip to Uganda to save the lost children who have been taken from their families and forced to kill.Please friends and family i cannot stress to you how important this mission trip is. We have to go to our allied and neighboring countries we must rise up and fight back nobody has the right to take another life. We must ban together and fight if we die we die heroes. We need as many volunteers as possible, you must be over the age of eighteen and in good health.We already have fifty brave souls willing to come however we still need more! We will be meeting at the congress center in Atlanta to register passports. There will also be classes every Saturday leading up to the trip where you can become fluent in the art of bow and arrow and one on one combat. This training is mandatory and essential for the trip. You will need nothing more than an id everything elese will be provided hope to see you there! - Katniss Everdeen

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