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Newsletter 25 May 2022

Our Vision: To grow Catholic, Christian young people,

who are confident, connected lifelong learners, inspired by the teachings of Jesus,

and who make a positive difference in their community.

24 May 2022

Tēnā tātou

Dear Family/Whānau

As I have said before, I consider myself very privileged to be Acting Principal of St James’ Catholic School. An example of this was our ‘Welcome back’ afternoon on May 12.

The Mihi Whakatau welcomed our new learners and their whānau and I was so proud to have so many of our tangata whenua (already established) parents and friends present to make them feel welcome. Our thanks go to Nuwynne Te Awe Awe for supporting the whakatau and to Phil Gunn, Rohan and Eli’s Dad for speaking so eloquently.

Following the Mihi Whakatau, our families squeezed into the staffroom for afternoon tea so generously provided by the PTFA.

Thank you Kelly Hoskins and PTFA helpers. Then parents joined our learners in classrooms and outside for a sausage.

As part of our traditions learning, we have had two visits to the Rangimarie marae at Rangiotu which included LS5,10,7 and LS 2 and 8. On Friday LS1 and 6 will be visiting the marae. This has enabled our learners to learn more about our local Rangitane iwi. Many thanks to all those parents who have supported us on these visits.

We are a PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) school. For the next few weeks we are going to be teaching the behaviour around Nurture from our SAINTS values. Please see which concepts we are teaching from Nurture below and talk to your child about these at home.


All Settings:

· Waiting our turn

· Listening when someone else is speaking

· Following instructions

· Acknowledging and celebrating other people’s efforts and successes in an appropriate way

· Putting things where they belong (clean up as we go, put used paper in the recycling bin, take our food waste home, return items

· Entering learning spaces quietly and with manners

· Looking after learning tools and using them appropriately


· Using walking feet

· Using a quiet voice

· Removing our shoes before entering our learning spaces


· Walking our bikes/scooters to and from the gate

· Riding our bike, skateboard or scooter on the track and wearing a helmet and shoes

· Walking on the deck and paths

· Climbing the trees with white feet on them

· Look after all of God’s creations

· Using equipment appropriately

E te Atua e manaaki ki a koutou katoa

May God Bless you all

Christine Cosgrove

Catholic Special Character

From our Parish Office

Link to Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Website

Link to the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit mass times

Latest Kotahi Ano Parish Newsletter

The Feast of the Ascension and Pentecost

The Easter season begins on the evening of Easter Sunday and continues for fifty days, ending on the evening of Pentecost Sunday. The fifty days between Easter and Pentecost are a time of joy and thanksgiving for what Christ has done for humanity.

In New Zealand the Ascension is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter. The feast of the Ascension commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven after his resurrection.

One week after the Ascension, on the 50th day after Easter, the feast of Pentecost is celebrated. Pentecost commemorates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the apostles, which empowered them to go out and begin spreading the Gospel. On Pentecost Sunday we celebrate the founding of the Church (sometimes called “the birthday of the Church”) and the beginning of its mission to all peoples.

The liturgical colour of most of the Easter season is white or gold.

Sacramental Programme is starting up again!

Big picture

Children's Bibles for Purchase - if you wish to order a Children's Bible, please email the school office and they will place your order and Invoice You:

The Beginner’s Bible suitable for ages 4-7 $29.99

The Lion Read & Know Bible $24.99

The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story $39.99

Freight $6.00

Celebrations - Celebrating Success

Welcome - We extend a warm welcome to Brandon who has this term started his faith and learning journey at Te Kura Katorika o Hato Heemi. We also extend a warm welcome to his family and whānau.

LS1 had the 'Dem Bones' Science Kit for the last two weeks. We learnt that our skeleton is a very important part of our body and has 6 functions including protection, shape and movement. We found out that at birth the human skeleton is made up of around 300 bones but by the time we are adults we end up with 206 bones as some bones have fused together. We examined pictures of a child showing their bones and also compared human skeletons with animal skeletons identifying the similarities and differences. Our favourite part was looking at the plastic skeleton called 'Arthur' and using the mini skeletons to locate certain bones. This was a super fun and engaging science kit!


School Cross Country - We will hold our school cross country on the 31st May at 1pm at Hokowhitu park. We welcome parent spectators. The first event will start after prayer at 1pm and remainder will follow.

This year will look a bit different. We will be having Year groups

Yr 1 and 2 run together,

Yr 3 and 4 together and

Yr 5 and 6 together.

Children will be running with another year group BUT competing against other children in THEIR own year group.

Students require: full sports uniform, named jersey, sports shoes (optional), shoes to walk to park, named drink bottle, plenty of food (at school).

Year 5 and 6 children can represent our school at the interschool on Tuesday 7 June. You will be informed about this if your child qualifies for this event.

Can you help? We would welcome some more assistance on the day, if this sounds like something you can assist us with please contact Tracey Gunn, Sports Coordinator

MOE COVID-19 Guidelines

When can a sick child return to school? Any child who has COVID-19 or is a household contact must remain at home for the legally required isolation period, regardless of whether they have returned a negative RAT.

Isolation is currently seven days with Day 0 being when a positive test was returned or from symptom onset. At the end of the seven-day isolation period if the child is still sick, they should stay home until they are well and for 24 hours after they no longer have symptoms.

There is no need to wait for an official message to leave isolation although you may receive a text message confirming your isolation period has ended from the Ministry of Health.

Ongoing symptoms
For COVID-19, colds and flus and potentially other illnesses, a child may continue to have minor but lingering symptoms such as a runny nose or minor cough.

  • Anyone who is sick should stay home until they are well.
  • When a child has respiratory symptoms, they should stay at home and seek advice from their GP or Healthline. Staying home is key to controlling the spread of any virus in a school setting.
  • Many children will have a long-lasting runny nose or cough after viral infections. If it has been more than 10 days since the onset of symptoms and they are no longer feeling unwell, they are very unlikely to be infectious and can therefore return to school.

However, if they are continuing to feel unwell or their symptoms are worsening after 10 days, they should not return to school. A GP review or a call to Healthline is recommended.


Te Rangimarie Marae Visit this Friday - Learning Space 1 and 6

The bus departs school at 9am, return by 12.00pm. Please ensure you are at school by 8.45am in your Learning Space.

Learners are to come to school in their PE uniform and have a raincoat.

Learners on a morning visit will take a packed morning tea, including a drink bottle.

School Facebook - have you liked our new page to stay informed?

School Uniform - With winter approaching please ensure learners come to school with their PE uniform or spare uniform in their bags incase they get wet or dirty. If learners are wearing a thermal please make sure it is v-neck, either white, grey, navy blue or black and must not be visible under school uniforms.

A reminder on Friday's all Learners are to wear their PE uniform to school.

Staff Only Day - Friday 3 June (Week 5 Term 2). We have a Staff Only Day on Friday 3 June, learners are not required to be at school this day. Nippers Out of School Care and Holiday Programme will be open for the day and they operate out of our school hall. If you require their services please contact them on 021 645 806 or to make arrangements.

Have you signed up to our School App and Alert Subscriptions? Please ensure you subscribe to the groups you would like to receive alerts for. These include Learning Spaces, sports and extra circular activities. You can do this under the 3 bars on the top left hand corner of the App, see below. St James' Catholic School Communication Guidelines. Have you checked the Links on the School App or Contacts?


Winter Sports are now underway - Netball, Winter Hockey and Basketball, thank you to our sports coaches for volunteering and encouraging players to be be the best they can be. Just a reminder that all winter sports fees are now due. This is a timely reminder of our school Fair Play Guidelines for Parents, Spectators and Players.

Tracey Gunn

Sports Coordinator

Yummy Apple stickers - Please continue to collect these throughout the year. Collection sheets are also available from the school office.

Cut out Label Collection Sheet
New Variety Sticker Collection
Sticker Collection Sheet

St James' School PTFA - Parent and Teachers and Friends Association

The next PTFA meeting will be held in the staffroom on Wednesday 15 June 2022 at
6.30-8.00 pm. All welcome.

PTFA Pizza Lunches - the next lunches will be on 10 June and 1 July. More information will follow.

Pastoral Care Baking - We are continuing to support our school community when required through this pademic by way of pastoral care, this may be meal or baking. If this sounds like something you might be interested in supporting please contact

Kelly Hoskins
PTFA Chairperson
Serving Our Saints with Faith and Enthusiasm

St James' Catholic School Board Update

The next BOT meeting will be held in the staffroom on Monday 30 May 2022 at 6.00 pm. All welcome.

Principal Appointment

The School Board are currently working with the Catholic Education Office and will advise the community of the Principal Appointment process once this plan has been formulated.

Michael Fennessy

Chairperson (

Dates for Your Diary

Please keep checking the Events Calendar on the school website or school App as we are updating this should events be cancelled/postponed. All coming events will continue to be updated here. Add to my Calendar.

2022 Term Dates & Holidays. Please add these to your diary, in particular the Staff Only Days.


Week 4

Thursday 26 May - Feast of the Ascension

Friday 27 May - Marae Trip to Te Rangimaire Marae (LS1 and LS6)

Week 5

Samoan Language Week

Tuesday 31 May - Cross Country, 1pm Hokowhitu Park

Friday 3 June - Staff Only Day

5 June - Pentecost Sunday

Week 6

Monday 6 June - Queen's Birthday

Tuesday 7 June - Interschool Cross Country

Friday 10 June - PTFA Pizza Lunch

Friday 10 June - Assembly 2pm in School Hall

Week 7

Wednesday 15 June - PTFA Meeting, 6.30pm in Staffroom

Week 8

Friday 24 June - Matariki Public Holiday

Week 9

Friday 1 July - PTFA Pizza Lunch

Saturday 2 July - Vex Robotics - Scrimmage 1

Week 10

Mid Year Reports coming home this Friday 8 July

Monday 4 July - School Board Meeting

Friday 8 July - Last Day of Term 2


Week 1

Monday 25 July - First day of Term 3

School Interviews

Getting Involved

St Vinnie’s Op Shop252 Rangitikei St. Phone 06 3576779

  • We need clean, warm winter adult clothing.
  • More books please – thanks for those who have already donated.
  • We have good supplies of children’s winter clothing at very reasonable prices.

For all assistance, please phone the shop – information above.

School App Advertising - If you are interested in advertising on our School App please make an enquiry to

Red Cross Book Sale coming up!

When - Queen's Birthday weekend, Barber Hall, Waldegrave Street.

When - Friday 3 June to Monday 6 June.

What - Masses of books (Children's to Teens')$2 and less. Plus games, jigsaw puzzles and posters.

For more information go to

We are looking for caring and welcoming homestay families for our international students next year and beyond.

Being a homestay family is a rewarding experience for NZ families. It is a great opportunity for the entire family to discover new cultures, languages and provide international students with a wonderful ‘KIWI’ experience.

We have several opportunities every year for families to host students short term (from 7 days to 10 weeks) or long term (3 months to 1 year). There is a weekly payment of $280 from 2023, paid fortnightly in advance. We provide 24-hour support for both the homestay family and the international student. Our staff have over 20 years experience working with homestay families and students. We will assist you to welcome an international student into your home.

For more information, please contact asap:


International Department

P: 356 4817 ext. 8857/ 8847/ 8883



F: AwatapuICollegeInternational

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