Chapter 4 Project: Sports Teams

By: Vicky Skala March 14, 2014

What is this project about?

In this project I made a hierarchy demonstrating one of the Austrian soccer leaugues, Bundesliga.

What Sport?

The sport I chose for my chapter four project was soccer. Bundesliga has ten teams. The teams are:

1 FC Red Bull Salzburg

2 SV Scholz Grödig

3 FK Austria Wien

4 SK Rapid Wien

5 SV Josko Ried

6 RZ Pellets WAC

7 SC Wiener Neustadt

8 SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz

9 FC Admira Wacker Mödling

10 FC Wacker Innsbruck

Almost every state in Austria has a soccer team. Some states don't have a team, and some states have several teams.

Here are the top three teams from the Bundesliga:

Red Bull Salzburg is First, SV Scholz Grödig is second, and FK Austria Wien is third.

My Hierarchy

How did I organize my Hierarchy?

I organized my hierarchy by putting Austrian soccer leagues at the top, because there is more than one league. Next I put Bundesliga, because that is the type of league. After that, I put the states in Austria that have a team in the Bundesliga. Lastly, I put the teams under their states. The soccer teams are part of the states, the states are part of the Bundesliga, and the Bundesliga is part of Austrian Soccer leagues. You can also look at it that the teams are more specific than the states, and they are more specific than the Bundesliga, which is more specific than Austrian soccer leagues.

I hope you enjoyed my project!