Glass Library Staff Newsletter

April 2016

Collaborative Efforts

Here are some of the lessons that were taught in March:

  • How to create Noodletools accounts to Mr. Wood's advanced English literature classes
  • How to cite sources in MLA format to Mr. Wood's advanced English literature classes
  • How to compose notecards in Noodletools for a Holocaust research project to Mr. Wood's advanced English literature classes

Other collaborative efforts for the month of March included:

  • Called 21 parents about having their student return his/her Trigonometry textbook for use by second semester classes
  • Provided a testing location for the writing SOL tests
  • Provided a location for the National Spanish exam and National French exam
  • Pulled possible resources for a serious interpretation assignment for Mr. Bowling's public speaking students
  • Participated in an interview and answered questions for a librarian working on her master's degree
  • Instructed students in Mrs. Wolk's and Mrs. McCormick's advanced world literature I classes about which book selections qualified for their 4th nine weeks' independent reading assignment
  • Recorded Ed Tarkington's discussion with Mrs. Worsham's second period AP English class (The library has two signed copies of his new book for those of you who are interested.)
  • Maintained an accurate list of which students in advanced Geo/Trig needed textbooks, assigned and delivered them as they were returned
  • Scanned items for Mrs. Burns to use in a Google slides presentation

Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

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New RAM Begins April 5

The 5th session of RAM will begin April 5 and will run through April 28. If a student would like to come to the library to read or play board games and have not been pulled by a teacher, please have them email Mrs. Mabery at so she can request the student on the RAM spreadsheet.

National Poetry Month

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Stop by the library in April to contribute to our Poetree or to check out a poetry book or a novel in verse to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Book Review

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Bone Gap by Laura Ruby is an interesting mix of reality, fantasy, and alternate universes. Throughout the book, Finn is struggling to come to terms with his life and who he is. His mother married a rich doctor and moved away from Bone Gap leaving Finn and his older brother, Sean, to fend for themselves. Everyone in the small town realizes Finn is different from everyone else and he has to endure the name calling and whispers of the townspeople. Everything becomes more complicated when a woman who magically shows up in Finn and Sean's barn disappears one day, once again leaving the brothers alone. This book explores people coming to terms with who they are and exploring what love truly means. Ruby's writing is rich in details and descriptions and I would recommend this book to people who enjoy magical realism.

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

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The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes was established by author T. A. Barron to recognize students ages 8-18 for positively impacting their community, environment, or group of people. Applicants should either be focusing on a current service project or have worked on a service project within the last 12 months. Winners of the award receive $5,000 to use on their service project or to put towards higher education. Applications are due April 15. Visit for more information.

The Wonder of Will Live

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"To commemorate the day of Shakespeare’s birth, and death, April 23, the Folger will host an international live streaming event from the historic Paster Reading Room in Washington, DC. A diverse array of actors, community leaders, artists, and scholars will share their connections to Shakespeare through compelling performances and personal stories.

Watch the broadcast LIVE on C-SPAN2 Book TV on Sat, April 23, noon - 1pm ET."

Information taken from the Folger Shakespeare Library website.

Library Usage for March

There were 1771 instances of people logging into the library for the month of March. That's an average of 126 people a day.
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Circulation Statistics

The library circulated 427 items over the course of 14 days in March.
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