Scholars News


Why doesn't it matter about the race ?

Lately there has been a teacher who had didn't want to give a scholar jacket to a student , just because she wasn't the same color as her skin unless she would paid $15 . But luckly the princple was nice enough to to give her the jacket free as had the other student have got it free. It was a jacket who mean a lot because the only way the student can get it if that student is the vicitdoran student of the whole class .



There was a battle between two best friend which depended who one the championship of boxing which is sadly because the two best friend where who grew together seen there where toddlers so only one could when the championship . But for them they kept it postive that both them won.


There was a homeless family. Espeaciely there grandpa was homeless ,and there parents wouldn't even let him use there wood sticks bowl . But one day there was a little kid who treated the parents the way they treated grandpa . Now they felt really bad how they treated grandpa . So for now on the treated grandpa with nicely manners . because they felt bad from the way they treated grandpa.

Dear , Debbie

Lately there has been some great stuff happening we have been going to fun and very extcieding trips . The last trip we have been was to washington state it was a very fun trip. And gusse wat ! Our next trip is to aunt sally down in the south . I hope you reply soon for we can see each other while were traveling . From , your cousin Kathy