Save The Brushy Creek Trail!

by: Erin Simpson

What Is Happening?

The LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) is trying to destroy the Brushy Creek Trail to put in transmission towers! This will require taking out the most of the trail. I stand against it, read this article to find out more. Then please comment to tell me what you think.

How Many Towers?

Well to figure out the number of towers we need to do the equation 2.5 / 0.2462121= t. Where t = the number of towers. To help understand let's use a ratio. 2.5:10 where 2.5 is the miles of space and 10 is the number of towers in 2.5 miles.

How Long Is The Destroyed Trail?

I want to figure out how long the trail is in expo markers so I found out that an expo marker is 4 3/4 inches long. I also found out that 2.5 miles is equal to 158,400 inches so to figure out the number of expo markers we could do 158,400/ 4.75 =t. Where t is trail in expo markers. So with this equation you can figure out that the trail is 33,347.3684211 expo markers long.

How Long Is The Whole Trail?

Again, I want to figure out how long the trail is is expo markers but this time the whole trail is 15 miles or 950,400 inches. So to figure out this one we would we do 950,400/3.75= t. Where t is equal to the number of expo markers to cover the whole trail. t is actually 253,440.

How Big Is A Tower?

I want to find out how big a transmission tower is in average grown-up males. An average full grown male is 6 feet tall. So to find out how big the tower is in full grown males we need to do 100/6= m. Where m represents the number of full grown males and m= 16 2/3. So for an average tower, 16 2/3 full grown males fit into it.

How Much Vegetation Will Be Lost?

In order to put in the towers quite a bit of vegetation will have to be cleared out. I want to figure out how much vegetation will have to be cleared. If I want to figure this out I need to do 13,200 x 60 = v. Where v represents vegetation loss. In this equation v is equal to 792,000 square feet or 150 square miles.