GCIS Weekly News 3/4/2016

Weekly Celebrations, Successes, and Up Coming Events!

GCIS Office News

Spring Conferences:

This TUESDAY March 8th from 4:00-7:30 pm

Iowa Assessment Data:

We got our scores back and will be sending out report cards an Iowa Assessment letters our Wednesday March 9th. If you come to conferences we will give them out to you Tuesday night.

GCIS Parents: as we work to continually improve safety measures we ask that all parents wait in the office area regarding all matters.

PBIS Trip: Our next PBIS Incentive Trip will be to the Web House the week of April 25th-29th.

Reading Challenge: We will be having another reading challenge for students to complete! Details were planned today and we will launch Friday March 18th prior to break and it will run up to the week of our PBIS incentive trip. (April 21st-25th) Be looking for information in our next newsletter!

Please remember... to send lunch money with your students. There are alternative ways to pay! Just ask the office! Starting April 1 we will not be able to let your student charge on their lunch account. If you have any questions or concerns about this topic, please give us a call at 515-738-5721.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 515-738-5721.

GCIS Key Players of the Week!

Another Great Week at GCIS! Below are our Key Players of the week! Staff nominate students for demonstrating Key Behaviors throughout the week and coming to school every day trying their best, respecting all students everyday no matter what, and modeling leadership behaviors and qualities! Congrats to these students that make our school community great!
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4th Grade Happenings!

Science: Data, data, data! We have been very busy testing various characteristics (nozzle size, weight, speed, distance) with our JetToy (balloon powered car). We have been collecting our data and putting it into data tables. This week we took that data and graphed it. This has been a great visual for how the different characteristics influence or affect each other.

Math: This week we continued to work with fractions, but we took it one step farther...DECIMALS. We have been working on reading and writing decimal numbers to hundredths.

Lit/SS: This week we continued our discussions on culture. We also introduced a new project. Students will be creating a presentation about Ruby Bridges. They will be responsible for choosing how they want to share their learning. It should be very exciting to see how creative everyone gets!

5th Grade Happenings!

Math: Finishing up adding and subtracting decimals, and coordinate graphing. Will be testing on these on Thursday. Next unit will be on fractions.

Lit/SS: We are working on understanding text structures of informational texts to help better comprehend reading informational text. We also have started our Lit. Circles. Students are very excited to share their reading with their small groups! In social studies, students are learning about the land and sea routes of historical explorers.

Science: This week we have been studying the biomes of tundra, taiga, and temperate deciduous forests. We are learning about the climate as well as the plants and animals of each biome.

6th Grade Happenings!

In reading we are finally finishing up our informative writing pieces. We are getting them typed and ready to peer edit. We are hoping to have a publishing party in the near future! We also finished up comparing and contrasting two different types of genres on the same theme.

In math, students are still working on algebraic expressions and finding the area of polygons.

In science, we have been talking a lot about Scott Kelly and his year in space. Students are excited that he is finally back and are excited to see how space has affected him.

Music Mania


Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 4th Grade Concert

7:00 p.m.

Greene County Intermediate Gymnasium

Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 5/6th Bands and 5th General Music Concert

7:00 p.m.

Greene County Middle School Gymnasium

Honor Choir:

Friday, March 11, 2016 Honor Choir students will be heading to Webster City to participate in a mass choir experience with other students from Iowa’s Central District area. The following students will be representing Greene County Intermediate School.

Sebastian Davis

Lucy Dudley

Madison Hayes

Alexandria Miller

Jonathan Mobley

Rylie Moranville

Mallory Prescott

Sadie Reedy

Eliot Schilling

Shelby Stoffer

Avery Walker

Angel Wallace

Lyndsey Zahradnik


Percussion audition results should be ready by Friday, March 4th.


The 5th graders are talking about Abraham Maslow and his job as a theorist. We looked at his theory and applied it to our life. We then talk about what influences who we are more heredity or environment.

Some group are still finishing up pencil pouches but some are also discussing needs and wants. They have started their advertisement for a best friend.


Check out below what's happening in Art!


Students are experiencing some coding in PE Class. The team must figure out the code(pattern) by verbal hints. Table tennis, which is one of my favorite units will start Monday.

Our skating unit will be starting in April,which is done in-house.
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Media & Tech Lit

This week the students continued working on their projects. The 6th graders finished working on their baseball trading cards, finding information about important African American players. The 5th graders worked on finding more information about events that happened on their birthdays. The 4th graders added another poem to their poetry presentations. All of the students are working hard and creating some great projects!!


5th Grade TAG Students attended the BATTLE OF THE BOOKS at the Ames Public Library and did an AWESOME job! They represented our school FANTASTICALLY WELL! There were 34 teams from 17 other schools across central Iowa and our three teams did a great job. They did not move on to the final round however, I am very proud of the way they handled themselves and stuck in there to do their very best. Please congratulate them if you see them! 6th Grade Battle of the Books is coming up SOON on April 7th!! 4th graders will be having their Battle at the Intermediate School sometime in May. Get READY!!!

Counselor's Corner

Pennies foir Patients

The PENNY WARS have begun! During the month of March we will be raising funds to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s research to find a cure for blood cancers. Please donate to the cause and have fun during our penny war between grades.

Strengthening Families 10-14 Program

Make sure to sign up for the SFP workshops starting March 6, 5:00-7:30 pm. at the St. Joseph’s Parish Center, 501 N. Locust in Jefferson. Learn how to show love while setting limits and improve family communication.

**FREE meals, snacks and childcare are provided with $100 gas card drawings at first session!

Register with Sue Richardson, srichardson@iastate.edu or call 515-386-2138.

Nurse News

Headaches are a common complaint of children. Migraines and stress headaches can occur. Headaches can also be caused by infections and head injuries. Most headaches can be treated with over the counter pain medications, rest, and fluids. It’s important to discuss frequent headaches with your healthcare provider. Also seek medical attention if your child’s headaches wake them from sleep, worsen or become more frequent, change your child’s personality, follow a head injury, are accompanied by vomiting or visual changes, or if your child is experiencing neck pain and fever. For more information go to mayoclinic.org.

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