Angelina Bell's Dream Vacation

California facts

My dream vacation is to go to California.

California is located in the US.

I want to visit California because it is really pretty there.

California is very sunny and its really pretty there so I would like to visit there.

Some cool facts about California are:

State Animal: California Grizzly Bear

State Bird: California Valley Quail

State Flower: Golden Poppy

State Song: I Love You, California

Border States: Arizona, Nevada, Oregon

State Abbreation: CA

State Tree: California Redwood

State Fish: Golden Trout

State Gem: Benitoite

State Motto: Eureka (I have found it)


From Willis, Tx to California it would take 26 hours with driving non-stop.

California is exactly 1,745.8 miles away from Willis, Tx.

Going on this trip I would take Bethany, Hayden &' Jarrett.

I would get there by a car.

If I were to go to California I would stay there for atleast 2 weeks.


I have family that lives in California, so instead of paying for a hotel, I could just stay with them.

My aunt's house is 2 stories, it has a pool, its on a golf course &' the neighborhood name is Peaceful Acre's.

To pack for my aunt's house I would bring a swimming suit, shorts, my straightning iron, crop tops &' tee shirts, pajamas, &' flip flops.


For my trip the gas in total will be 330.00 $.

The food would be about 150.00 $.

And I would give myself a budget of 500 $ to spend.

So in total my whole trip would be 980 $.


While i'm in California I would go to Disney Land, go swimming &' go shopping.

In California you could go to Disney Land or go see the wax museum.

California has lots of unique things such as, the walk of fame or the was museum.

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