Bruges is a town in the Femish Region of Belgium. It's a 90 kilometers of Brussels and it's one of the most tourist places in Europe. His name come from the number of bridges that there're in the city. In this town live 117.000 persons. The most atractive of the town is his history center, prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 2000.

why do you must visit Bruges?

Bruges is one of the most beatiful city in Europe, here you can see Middle Ages buildings, like The Provinciaal Hof the city hall, The Beguinage a very old convent where thousand of nuns live all the time and The Kruispoor a incredible bridge.

Do you imagine a place without cars? And do you imagine a place where the roads are of water?

Probably the most famous thing of the city are their canals. You can see all the city by boat, you don't need cars! The canals are everywhere. You can't leave the city without sail their canals.


The weather in Bruges: In summer it's sunny but the wintrs are cold. You can see the snow in their streets, canals and buildings, it's incredible!


Have you ever listened about chocolate?

The most famous chocolate in Europe is from Belgium, and in Bruges you can taste it.

If you are thirsty, you can drink a bottle of water, a dizzy drink or a delicious beer. You should visit the Bruge Beertje, where you can found about 450 types of beers.