American Dream

Boris Palencia

Definition of American dream

The American dream is to have freedom and equality. Everybody should have the same opportunity no matter what race the person is. And American dream is to have a equal chance and the freedom to do what the person really wants to do. Work hard to achieve and have determination.
J. Cole at the Varsity - American Dream talk

American dream connection

The American dream connection with this video is that he talks that freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers. And knowing that doing hard work and passionable about it could be a good success for the American dream in the future


Some inequalities in the American dream is with the immigrants and the race. One of the things that impacted the American dream is not hiring some workers that are immigrants that work hard to achieve for a better life and to wealthy. And the thing that impacted too is that a restaurant that haves only one race would let another race to be included in their work. Having equality will bring up all the nations and will make American dream that everybody wanted to be a success. A quote I liked is from J Cole he says that no matter what race you are you could be hard worker to achieve the American dream that they want.

My beliefs

The American dream could still be greater and by that I should show hard work to achieve what we want. In order to improve we need to still believe that the American dream could still improve and make better thing of it. Something that could be done better is to have equality for any race and freedom. The help we get is health care which has to be improved too because not many people that are from America could have the same opportunity. A quote I got is from a video that j Cole is talking about the American dream that majority of people really want which is to improve the inequality. He said that having different skin color does not affect the lack of job what affect is not letting them work.
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