Dose walking through a beautiful city sound fun. Well come visit Barcelona,Spain it has beautiful beaches and a professional soccer team you can watch.


Barcelona is located by the Mediterranean sea. It is also on the east side of Spain. It is also located 2.1833ºE.


Barcelona is cradled the north eastern Mediterranean of main land Spain,about 2 hours drive south from the French pyrenees. It is the capital of Catalumya, region of northern Spain that has its own unique culture traditions and personality.


Barcelona is a very beautiful place it is around 60ºF. It is also around the ocean.They use euros as there many

Human Interactions

Barcelona has high air,water,noise and light pollution. They also have fertile fields, that have supplied the city with fresh fruits and vegetables.


10% of Spain's exports are cars. 13% of Spain's imports is crude petroleum. There Muslim community is growing rapidly do to immigration.
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