Mariners Q3, 2014 - Contest

We FAME - You win.

Contest Details

How do we win?
- First, you must set at least 8 total appointments during weeks 30 and 31 to qualify...
- Second, be the top group-opener in Q3 and the team does the following...
- Hit fireballs (3) or recruits (4)
- Hit quota ($330,000)
- Hit New Account Goal of 17
- Have new associates be at least 34% of our overall premium for the quarter

What happens if we win?
First Place - $700
Second Place - $200
Third Place - $100
First 3 qualifiers for the New Account Contest will win $100 each regardless of how many accounts they open.

Bonus $$$ ---- If we get back on track for year-to-date quota, which is $415K in Q3, and we hit FAME, then I'll pay out double the below. One big or two mid-size groups does it.

What is FAME?
- FAME is an award given to coordinators if the team hits certain criteria each quarter.
- Not all districts pay contests for FAME. We do it because it is part of our culture. About $10,000 in contest money has been paid to district associates because of FAME.
- We have hit FAME 12 out-of-14 possible quarters.

- Tie-breaker is AP
- No-pay is not required for this contest, but any clear manipulation of the rules can make an agent ineligible at the sole discretion of the DSC.
- Contest runs for Q3 only. Account exceptions will not be granted. Will go by RPM on
- You will get updated regularly.
- To count as an appointment, either text or email me: date/time/# of EEs.
- Any appointment must be with a decision-maker or office manager. No reschedules from within the past 2 weeks.
- Payable when DSC receives budget for contest from HQ.