Alexandrea Kelly's

Self-improvement poster

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Areas I Need To Work On

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Things I Can Do

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Positive Affirmations I Can Use

"Don't think about what might go wrong, think about what could go right." - A friend about me falling for my best firend


To ensure that i have the very best health i can everyday, i will have a caring healthy self-esteem, i can also start eating the right things that make my body stronger and more active. I will also wash my hands before i eat and when im done with an object i am unfamiliar with.


I have suffered "pain" in the past. I except "pain" in my future. But, i will react to that "pain" by understanding what i am around that brings me pain, and not be around it anymore. What i will gain from that "pain" is try something new then the pain your getting


I Am Who I Am Because Of My Surrondings

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I want respect from life. So, i need to surround myself with people who respect me for who i am.