STEMazing Resources

STEM resources for teachers.

Curriculum/Lesson Plans

Science Demo Guy (TPT): Grades K – 2 All activities include teacher and student instructions, rubrics, a demonstration video showing the teacher how to set up the activity with an explanation of the science involved.

STEM Lesson Plan Ideas: K-3:

This is an elementary school website. It is a great start for ideas. The teacher even shares her worksheets and powerpoint presentations via a link.

PBS Kids Design Squad website: Grades 3 and up: - Very useful website for STEM projects, lesson plans, videos, animations, games, and printable guides.

STEM Stars: Grades K-5 -

Wonderful step by step STEM activities complete with lesson plans, worksheets and teachers guides.

STEM is elementary (TPT): Grades K-5 - Contains free integrated standards-based lessons, materials, events and professional development opportunities related to elementary STEM.

STEM and Hotwheels: 4th grade: - They offer a free kit that includes Hot Wheel Cars, race track, and all needed supplies to teach kids about force, motion, and energy. Did I mention FREE KIT? The site also includes free downloadable lesson plans for 4th grade.

Time to Invent Club (TPT): 5th grade: A fun new club idea for kids. This is an invention club for fifth graders. The site has 16 - 1 hr challenges for students. The guide is online and is free. The only cost is for the materials.

Smart Chick (TPT): Grades 3-6 - Comprehensive collection of STEM activities. She tends to use simple and inexpensive materials. I really like the reflection or process sheets she includes with each pack. She even created some of her lessons around books. There are fairy tale themed challenges and even one for the Newberry Award winning book The One and Only Ivan.

Engineering K-12 Curriuclum/Lesson Plans: -elementary/resources Site has lots of videos and

corresponding lessons to support engineering based tasks. (free)

STEM-works: A bunch of STEM based ideas for incorporating into full lesson plans.

STEM picture books

National Geographic Explorer: Grades K - 5 . This resource is good to project on a whiteboard or as a standalone center. The students have the option to have the text read aloud or to read independently. The site has copies of the publication from 2009 and includes teacher's guides as well. The site also includes a story calendar which will aid in planning future lessons.

STEM Read: Grades K -12 - While the books need to be purchased, the site does have companion activities for the books. Resources include videos, activities, and lesson plans to come. Students can assess their comprehension of the book by playing the associated game. Their motto is "Learn the Science. Live the Book". The book selections for elementary include: The Boy and the Airplane, Carnivores, I Am Amelia Earhart, and Rosie Revere Engineer.

General Resources

Kids Ahead: Grades 2 - 5 - This site contains information on Crime Scene Investigating, extreme weather, medical innovations, robotics, space, animals, games, and wind energy. This site is unique in that each topic has a link to a hands on project, an article, a related job, and an event around the country.

STEM iPad Apps and games

Imagination Soup: Grades K-6: math/ - Another great list of STEM apps. Most are free, some require a purchase.

Common Sense Media: Grades 2-12: - STEM apps selected by

Common Sense Media. Most are free, some require a purchase.

STEMwire: Grades K -12: - These apps are all free and supplement a STEM curriculum or can be used as a center activity.