P.S.H.S become a tiger

replace a closed mind with an open one

our purpose....

Is to create a safe and selfless environment for all of our students. We work on self development and leadership, but also how to help the community. We create one student at a time. We focus on career prep and community service/creating your child into a selfless person as they get older. Everyone student that comes to this school becomes part of the tiger family.

Extra important information.......

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we have HOPE days for 30 minutes. On these days we, learn a new topic that has to do with helping the community and what to do when you are in certain situations where someone needs help. Such as, last year, we had a day where we learned how to change a flat tire. Having these days will help your child later in life.

our goals

Will the school help my child acheive and find the major key to success?

Our school is going to go out of every way to help your child succeed. We will help them become a very smart and strong in there future career.