2nd Grade Scoop


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Important Dates

September 20

  • Chick-fil-a spirit night! Come eat and support our school!
  • Progress reports will be sent home.

September 30 - Spirit day, no uniforms if you wear TLA gear

October 5-6 - The fire department is coming to visit us at 10:00 a.m.

October 7 - Early release at 12:00

October 10 - Columbus Day, no school

News this week

The big news in 2nd grade this week, was our field trip! We went to the apple orchard in Roanoke. We had such a great time getting to learn about bees, plants and apples! Log on to Seesaw to see the photos! If you did not download Seesaw, or need directions on how to do it, please let me know!
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Reader's Workshop & Writers Workshop

In Reader's workshop, we have been continuing the conversation of reading strategies. We have been making predictions, using our schema (background knowledge) to make connections, looking for small words in unknown words and rereading to maintain comprehension.

In Writer's Workshop, we have been discussing how to write with details. We used the book, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse as an example of how we can give details to things and create stories around them for entertainment purposes!


This week in Math, we have discussed the commutative property. We have been working with turn-around facts and the counting on strategy. Also, we have been doing mental Math with adding. For example 43+20 = 63

We have been adding the tens together (40+20=60) and then the ones together (0+3=3) and coming up with the answers in seconds! I'm very proud of them!


This week in Science, we have been discussing the classification of animals. We have sorted animals into different groups such as mammal, bird, insect, reptile, amphibian and fish. We have discussed how God has created all creatures, and how He specifically created each part of their body to function for a specific purpose! (A cat's tail is used for balance).
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Spelling words for week 9/19-9/23 (Hard and soft c,g)

1. gym

2. city

3. circle

4. gone

5. age

6. center

7. giant

8. space

9. garden

10. cycle

High-Frequency Words:

11. square

12. oval

Challenge Words:

13. circus

14. exodus


Our school-wide memory verse comes from I Timothy 4:12. Please help your child memorize this scripture!
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