Beattie 2nd Grade Newsletter

December 2014

What Your Child Is Learning:

Reading/Word Work:


* Long e

* Long u

* Unit assessment- review previous spelling patterns

Reading Comprehension:

* characters, setting, and events in a story

* author's purpose

* main idea and key details in a story


* descriptive writing

* verbs: present tense, past tense, and future tense verbs

* the verb have: have, had, has

* abbreviations

* punctuation and commas in a friendly letter


* place value

* basic addition and subtraction math facts up to 20- Please practice with students at home.

* double digit addition and subtraction

Integrated Studies:

* science- matter (now completed)

* social studies- we the workers

* health- healthy bodies (growth and development)

Upcoming Events:

December 1st: No School- Elementary Plan Day

December 5th: Family Movie Night at Beattie (6:30-8:30 pm)

December 9th: Skate Night (6:00-8:00 pm)

December 11th: Band and Strings Assembly (8:30 am)

December 11th: Band and Strings Concert (7:00 pm)

December 16th: PLC Day- Student Dismissal at 1:33

December 17th and 18th: Unit 3 Reading Test

December 19th: End of 2nd Quarter

December 22nd - January 4th Winter Break No school!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

A Note From The Teachers

Cold and flu season is in full swing. We are doing our part in second grade to make sure that students wash hands often, and are dressed in winter coats, hats and gloves whenever we head outside. Please join us in the effort to fight germs in the classroom by donating tissues, and hand sanitizer to your students classroom.

This quarter second grade has started timed math fact tests in the classroom. Below is the link to the LPS math curriculum page. On the right side of the page there are links students can use to help them practice facts at home. We recommend Math Fact Cafe, a web site that creates math practice sheets for at home use.