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Humpty Dumpty's Death

Humpty Lumpy Dumpty was sitting on a wall on March 22nd, when a gust of wind came by and blew him off. He fell to his death. He was sitting on the Kingdom Palace wall and got scrambled. The King’s men tried to put him back together. They failed and Humpty Dumpty was unable to be put back together. Sadly, Humpty Dumpty’s birthday was March 23rd, and his funeral is on that day to commemorate his life and death


Ouch! I just fell off my longboard. Longboards became popular in the 1950’s, and yet I didn't get mine til last year. Longboards are my favorite type of skateboards.

Longboarding was once called sidewalk surfing. Sector 9 was named the best longboard producer in 2015. They have won for at least five years. The top companies producing longboards are one, Sector 9; two, Quest; three, Atom; four, Yocaher; and five, Eightbit. Longboards are as long as 24 in. to 80 in. Longboards are one hundred fifty dollars to three hundred dollars. Longboards are usually made from about two to eleven layers of plywood; they can also be made up of birch, oak, koa, maple, and bamboo is also popular when making longboards. Longboards originated from the sport surfing, and earlier longboards looked kind of like surfboards. It is said that riding longboards is easier than riding skateboards. Longboards have different decks, trucks,and wheels used for what you want to be doing on your longboard. Different types of boards include skateboards, longboards, shortboard, old school, cruisers, and penny boards. There are different ways to ride your longboard like cruising, slalom, freeriding, or bombing.Cruising is about riding down sloped streets, this is the most likely type of riding for a new rider. Free riding is riding down hills with quite amount of speed, or doing tricks over jumps and other stuff. Bombing longboarding is about flying down hills as fast as you can in a crouching position to lessen wind resistance. Slalom is riding in between cones sliding between tight places.

All in all, Longboards are my favorite type of skateboard. Longboards became popular in the 1950’s and I didn't get mine til last year. It hurts to fall off your longboard.


My favorite app and video game is Minecraft. I have played Minecraft since I heard of it in 2011, and started playing it. Minecraft Classic released on May 17, 2009. Minecraft 1.0 was released on November 18, 2011. Minecraft was created by Markus Persson “Notch.” Notch had help from “Jeb” Jens Bergensten who is now head of Minecraft’s development. Minecraft is a sandbox game where you use your imagination to build whatever you want. There is three different modes on the computer you can play on. Creative, Survival, and HardCore. In Creative mode, you don’t have to worry about hostile creatures attacking you. In creative what you do is build whatever you want to. In Survival mode, what you have to do is start out with nothing, and you have to try to be the best, and get the best armor and the best weapons. Your main problem is that hostile mobs do try to hurt you. You go and mine to get the stuff you need to become the best. Once you have all the materials, you can build whatever you want just like in creative, your supplies do run out though. Hard Core mode is the hardest of them all because once you die, you do not respawn and come back it deletes all of your progress. It doesn't give you a second chance to try again. The main controls of the game are the WSAD keys to move around and the spacebar to jump. How to beat Minecraft is there are two bosses. The Wither Boss, and the Ender Dragon which lives in the End. It is hard enough to get to the End let alone kill the Dragon. The Wither you spawn in, you have to get the materials to make it and it takes a while to defeat it. Minecraft is getting better, and is constantly coming out with new updates adding different things and fixing bugs.
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