The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

By: Emma Prill- Author: Mary Downing Hahn- block 2


12 year old Florence leaves an orphanage to her new home at Crutchfield Hall to live with her great uncle. The house is haunted by Florence's cousin Sofia who died the year before. Sofia wants Florence to help her restore to life by someone else die in her place.


The setting is at Ctutchfield Hall.

Top 3 main characters

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The dress is important because it was Sophia's best dress and it was in the attic in a chest full of all Sophia's things. Florence found the chest and took the dress out. Sophia gave Florence the dress. When Aunt saw the dress on Florence she was very mad and Florence burned the dress in her fire place.

The reason I loved this book

I loved this book because, it was scary and entertaining. It had lots of detail so I could have an image in my mind. It was intense and gave my the hebi jebis,and those are the kind of books i like.