Bathtub Reglazing Springfield Ma

Why Bathtub Reglazing Springfield MA Is A Great Alternative To Tub Replacement

If your bathtub is no longer attractive due to chipping, cracks and mineral deposits and you are not willing to replace it, bathtub reglazing is the best option. Tub refinishing is the restoration of a worn out tub to its original state. This process is usually completed within a period of 4 to 5 hours. If they opt for bathtub reglazing Springfield MA residents can save money and time.

A tub reglazing project is more affordable than a tub replacement project. Consumers can save more than eighty percent of the money spent to replace a tub. They can use the money they save to enhance the appearance of other essential fixtures like sinks, lights and vanities.

By refinishing their tubs, consumers can avoid the stress associated with removing tubs. Older tubs are made of heavy materials. It is therefore not easy to remove and carry them. In order to remove an old tub, it is necessary to remove the tiles around the tub. It is therefore not advisable to replace a tub that is in good condition.

The other benefit of refinishing a tub is that you can change its color in order to ensure that it matches with other bathroom fixtures. You can select from many colors and make your bathroom appear unique. Reglazing a tub is also environmentally friendly because the old tub does not have to go to a landfill. After refinishing your tub, you will be able to use it for fifteen years or more. You can also easily repair any cracks or chips that may arise.

The tub reglazing process is not easy. It is best completed by a professional. The first step that tub refinishing contractors take is to use special industrial cleaners to cleanse the whole tub. Some of the cleaners they utilize are designed to break down the original surface of a bathtub to prepare it for a new finish. The contractors will remove all the dirt, soap scum, dyes and other contaminants from the surface. They will then prepare the drain and plumbing for the reglazing process.

The other procedure that the refinishing contractors carry out is removing the original caulk line. After this, they will use specialty products to repair any pits, chips and other types of damage that may be on the surface of the bathtub. Professional contractors also mask off a bathroom in order to reduce dust and protect the surfaces that will not be refinished. This will ensure that the reglazed surface is perfect.

The contractors will also shut off and mask the dampers and air registers in the bathroom. They will also set up ventilation equipment and special lighting. They will then apply the new bathtub surface in three phases. These phases include the surface preparation phase, the priming or bonding phase and the topcoat phase.

After applying a new tub surface, the refinishing contractors will examine the surface. Cure times for the refinishing products used differ, depending on the kind of system used. Ideally, the surface of the tub should remain dry for twenty four hours after the refining process. Hardware such as faucets, drains and handles should be installed after 24 hours. After the refinishing process is complete, your bathtub will appear as attractive as it did the day it was installed.

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