History of Niger

By: Taylor


Niger became independant in 1960 from French West Africa. The first president was Hamani Diori who used to be a delegate in the National Assembly of Paris. He was Vice President from 1957 to 1958. After being elected, he passed a law that put in place a single party system. This system bans anyone who tries to overule him. Hamani Diori remained president until his reign was brought to an end by his chief of staff, Lieutenant Seyni Kountche in 1974. Seyni Kountche became a dictator until his death in 1987.After he died the occupation of ruler was passed down to his cousin Ali Saibou, who was trying to make Niger a Democratic country. In 1991,he gave the people of Niger a chance to vote in their state's future.


Niger is a land locked country located in West Africa's Sahara. It's bordered by Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Algeria, Libya, and Chad. The capital and the largest city is Niamey and its located around the East bank of the Niger River, which the country is named after. The official language is French and the and the dominant religion is Islam. In 2013 the population was 17.83 million people.