Third Grade Reading Rock Stars!

Please initial your child's reading log everyday.

2nd Trimester Success

What a crazy trimester with all of our snow days! The kids continued to increase their reading ability. We hope you liked learning about the Titanic, the students sure did.

As we start the 3rd Trimester, our expectations have increased as well. We have started book clubs this week. They will be reading mysteries, discussing with their partner, filling out comprehension questions and making connections with the text. Also, students will write a review each week using correct spelling, grammar and opinion of their book.

Please have your child read 20-25 minutes every night, record the time in their reading log and, then, please initial.

Thursday Lunch Dates

We take turns with the girls and boys having lunch with them on alternating Thursdays. They are enjoying their special time with us. We are enjoying spending time with them, too.

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