Everything about the big bang

Aya Reed


The universe was created 13.7 billion years ago. The big event that created the universe was called the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang is also known as the mother of all explosions.

Flow map of the universe

After the Big Bang explosion happened, the universe and basic elements began to form. Next, the Radiation era began two to three minutes to 300,000 years after the big bang with a process called nucleosynthesis. After the radiation era, there was the Matter Domination era. The Matter Domination era was when the first matter was formed. Next, the stars and galaxies began to form.

Evidence of the Big Bang

1. The redshift of distant galaxies means that the Universe is probably expanding. If we then go back far enough in time, everything must have been squashed together into a tiny dot. The rapid eruption from this tiny dot was the Big Bang.

2. As the Universe expanded and cooled down, some of the elements that we see today were created. The Big Bang theory predicts how much of each element should have been made in the early universe, and what we see in very distant galaxies and old stars is just right.