Save the Tigers!

By Gabriel Freedman

Climate change

Humans release around 40 million TONS of Co2 alone every year. This gas gets trapped in the earths atmosphere creating a "greenhouse effect" and it is drastically increasing the temperature of the earth. In the past century, the earths temperature has increased by 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit.

Results of Climate Change

If nothing is done about Climate Change, it could be disastrous for the earth. Melting ice has already increased the sea level by 8 inches since 1880, and it's not going to stop there. Apart from the rising sea level, the intense temperature changes is effecting people and animals everywhere. Thousands of people have died from extreme heat in Africa and India.
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An estimation of what the world will look like if global warming continues

What will happen to the Tigers?

Climate Change is threatening to wipe out one of the worlds largest tiger populations. Tigers are one of the worlds most threatened species. An estimated 3,200 remain in the world, and about 500 of those live along the Bangladesh coast. If the sea levels rise, it will destroy 96% of the tigers habitat, pushing the tiger population in Bangladesh to about 20 breeding tigers.

Are Tigers being affected already?

Tigers have not felt the full effects of Global Warming yet. However the rising temperature can't be comfortable for them.
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