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Year 1 Firework art

It's great to welcome all of our children and families back to school for Autumn term 2 and the lead up to Christmas. Towards the end of the half term, there will be many super events for you to look forward to as parents and carers. All of these can be found on the school calendar here. Keep your eyes on the calendar, as more events will inevitably be added as the weeks progress.

This week, one of the highlights has been linking with Leeds City Council's Clean Air project. The council will be predominantly working with Year 5, although there will be many whole school benefits such as upcoming scooter borrowing and storage.

Next week sees the first of our Parents Evenings, Judo workshops and finishes with non - uniform day on Friday. Next Wednesday, our new Headteacher, Mrs Kouni, will visit school again to familiarise herself with the pupils and staff.

I hope everyone has a super weekend - see you all on Monday.

Parents evenings

The Parents Evening dates for Autumn Term are next week:

Tuesday 13th November - 3:30 - 6:30pm

Wednesday 21st November - 3:30 - 6:30pm

Letters with reply slips have been distributed this week. If you require another copy, please let your child's class teacher know.

PTA defibrillator bid

Our PTA have been working hard to explore all possible avenues of attracting additional funding into school. One of these projects is through Aviva and, if we are successful, could result in us having a defibrillator for our school and community.

Please can you support this great cause by registering and voting here.

You can use all of your 10 votes for this initiative!

To register and vote will only take a couple of minutes and could make the world of difference in terms of making our community an even safer place.

Thank you so much.

Red Kite Learning Trust Welcome Letter

Please find correspondence regarding this below.
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Notifying school of changes to your child's lunchtime meal choice

We have made this process much easier for parents and carers, as this is now done via email as opposed to having to come into school to complete a form.

If you'd like to change your child's dinner option, please send an email to:


If you wish for your child to change from packed lunches to school dinners or from school dinners to packed lunches, in your email, please include:

* your child's name
* your child's class
* what dinner option you would like them to move to

Please note that we require one week's notice to change the meal pattern of your child. All changes to dinner patterns commence on the first Monday after one weeks' notice.

Thank you.

upcoming pta dates

We have a number of exciting PTA events to look forward to. You will receive information about all of these nearer to the time of the events, however an overview is below:

16th November - Non uniform in return for chocolate donations

29th November - Christmas Fair

children in need

For children in need on Friday 16th November, we are inviting the children to wear spots in return for a money contribution towards this worthwhile cause.

This falls on the same day as our PTA non uniform day in return for chocolate donations for the Christmas fair.

This will be a super joint event, where we will hopefully see as many children as possible in non uniform and / or spots, with a chocolate donation. If you can spare any money for a Children in Need contribution too; that'd be massively appreciated!

Attendance update

Cubs 1 -92.27%

Cubs 2 – 94.06%

Tigers – 91.33%

Cheetahs -94.67%

Lynx – 97.59%

Snow Leopards – 90.34%

Dolphins – 97.59%

Penguins – 99.23%

Polar Bears -98.67%

Sharks – 93.10%

Golden Eagles –97.24%

Panthers –91.54%

Pumas –95.38%

Jaguars – 96.90%

School average: 95.05% - BELOW National Average

National average: 96%

this week's stars of the week

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Upcoming dates

Key dates can be found on the school calendar here.

Recent Letters and Correspondence

Recent letters can be found in previous blog posts here.
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