ECS Appy Hour

February 22


Seesaw Journal vs. Seesaw Blog

Please remember to turn off the password feature for your class Seesaw Blog. Melissa wants to be able to access these blogs from the campus website and they are not accessible if they are password protected.

To turn the password feature off...

  • In Seesaw, click the wrench in the top right corner to go into your class settings.
  • Scroll down to the Class Blog section.
  • Click Blog Settings.
  • Turn off the password protect feature.

Also...whenever you post something to the student journal, your connected parents will see it on their end. If you want any of those posts to also show up on the blog, you must click the blog icon underneath your post. A blue blog icon underneath posts indicate that it is also on the public blog.

On that note, be thoughtful about what you send to the blog since it is public.

Goals in STRIVE

Once you complete/accomplish your Professional and SLO goals in STRIVE, you need to mark them “Complete”. Once you do so, an email notification will go to your appraiser/evaluator so that he/she can “Archive” your completed goal.

For more detailed information on the Life of Goals in STRIVE, click here. (Please note: although it specifically says Professional goals, the information is relevant to both Professional and SLO goals.)

Lesson Plans...

Don't forget to click on each Monday's date in the calendar in your Eduphoria lesson planner. That enables the administrators to view your plans. If you don't click on the Monday (which makes it bold), your plans come up blank for them.


Tools for the Classroom

Goodies from TCEA...

  • SciShow For Kids YouTube Channel - SciShow Kids explore all kinds of topics that spur the question 'Why?'.
  • St. Patrick's Day Graphing Project - Preschool - 3rd - Now that Valentine’s Day is over, it’s time to get ready for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Graphing Project. Join over 200 classrooms to sort, graph & analyze Lucky Charms cereal to collaboratively work to find out if there are more clover -shaped marshmallows than any other.
  • K20 Learn - Check out this resource from the University of Oklahoma with over 100 teaching and learning strategies. Search by group size or how long it takes to complete. Read about the strategy by hovering over the card to flip it. Click on the card and find downloadable PDFs & PPTs.
  • #EpicPals - Collaborative Reading Project with Epic! Books for Kids.

Technology PD...

Seesaw in your PJs Webinars - check out live webinars and recordings!

Giddy Up to Digital Breakouts - March 25 (3:30-5:30pm)

Deanna Collins - DLC

What Can I Do For You?

  • Collaboratively plan lessons that integrates technology

  • Brainstorm & explore new tools

  • Co-teach & assist you during a lesson

  • Examine curriculum to determine how tech can help meet your learning objectives

  • Help you Learn a new tool

  • Model technology integration with students

  • Recommend technology tools to augment lessons or projects

  • Troubleshoot & problem-solve instructional issues