by nathan.s


Afghanistan is a country. It is an expanse of land with its’s own government. Afghanistan is officially the Islamic republic of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is land locked and it’s capital is Kabul.


Afghanistan is landlocked. It’s neighbouring countries include Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. It is located in the middle east of Asia and is ranked 40th biggest country. It’s located on Earth in the Northern hemisphere. It’s 652864km big and it’s capital is Kabul.


Afghanistan has 34.66 million people and it’s female population is 16730954 and it’s male population is 17932069.Kabul has 4.6 million people and it’s the fifth fastest growing city in the world. Afghanistan’s currency is Afghanis and its main religion is Sunni Islamic as 90% of Afghanistan people’s culture is Islamic. It’s main language is Dari and Pashto and poetry is very common in Afghanistan. Afghanistan people are know as Afghans.


The general climate of Afghanistan is it has dry and cold winters. It’s main temperature is around 36c-43c.It’s lowest temperature is -9c and it’s highest is 50c.In summer temperatures can reach 49c and in winter it can reach -6c. In deserts, only 100mm of rain comes to the deserts.


The environment is mostly desert and there is lots of water and air pollution. Afghanistan is facing a lot of deforestation, as well as soil degradation. Overgrazing, deforestation and over population in it’s already fragile urban areas.


Animals in Afghanistan include Altai weasel, Asiatic black bear, Eurasian otter and Geoffrey’s bat. Afghanistan has been long known for its rich and diverse wildlife. The Asiatic black bear also known as the moon bear or white chest, is a medium sized bear native to Asia and largely adapted to arboreal life. Most of the Macro polo sheep and Ibex are being poached for food and the fur is being sold to soldiers as souvenirs.


Afghanistan has amazing plants. Plants in Afghanistan include camel thorn, locoweed, and spiny restharrow. The spiny restharrow is a plant belonging to the family Fabaceae , that is commonly known as spiny restharrow or just restharrow. The camel thorn is a tree that is from the family Fabaceae .It’s preferred habitat is deep, dry sandy soils.

significant sites

Afghanistan has many significant sites like the Darul Aman palace construction began in the early 1920s and it was king Aman Ullan Khan palace located in Kabul. Babur tomb is a tomb and it was said to be the tomb of Babur. The gardens of Babur is said to be where Babur requested to be buried. The blue mosque is located in Mazi sharif is a historic mosque.

intersting facts

Some interesting facts include that 99% of Afghanistan people are Muslims. The national sport is Buzkash also know as goat grabbing. Initially, the capital of Afghanistan was Kandahar.