My 2014-2015 School Year

"The year I proved myself in the horse world"

A year full of showing

Until this year, I was young and not as competitive as in the way of showing at bigger shows out of state. It was this year that I started jumping higher and improving my skills for the big shows. I trained every day to go to shows in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and most importantly Texas and Oklahoma, where the World Championship shows are. The intense practice has made me all the better in my showing experience. I have won more, and learned from amazing riders as well. I have totally seen my hard work pay off in how I place in these bigger shows. As well as the change in my performance, we have seen changes at home. I have definitely have been more responsible and helping around the house.
An amazing lesson on Auto!

In conclusion

In conclusion, this year has treated me well. I have been very connected with my horse. I was worried with all the showing with people much older than I am, so it scared me a little, but when I got in the class, all I worried about was me, my horse, and my ride. It turns to that when you focus and think about yourself, that the competitors are not even there and it is just you and your horse. Having this mindset makes the show less stressful and makes you pay attention to what you are doing.

Also coming back with wins didn't give me a free pass of no work when we got home. I worked very hard to get to where I am today. Not only with my horse career but with my communication and people skills when talking and acknowledging judges and other peers. This helps me with all of my older friends and teachers at school. I am so stoked to see my future in bigger shows and even getting this amazing opportunity that I am blessed with. Not many children get to grow up and have a supportive mother that grew up with horses to and support the passion like I do. I am so thankful for my mom and my amazing horse I am also blessed with. Thank you "Lonsum Zipper", and thank you Terri Loew!

Taylor Loew

Created by Taylor Loew in McCabe Period 1 class