Internet Slang


Internet slang is abbreviations of words and phrases. Common slang used is “lol”, meaning “laugh out loud” and/or “lots of love”. Leet is another commonly used type of slang. Leet is using numbers and symbols in the place of letters. An example of leet is spelling “74¢0” instead of spelling “taco”. This is effecting the language of many people. Students are a main target of this language usage. Student are getting a lower grade of essays and writing papers for mistakes with language.

My Oppinion

Internet slang is a good positive in some ways. But also a big negative. The usage of internet slang can effect to usage of language in speech and writing of many. I think it is a good use to have for texting in limited space and for a quick response. People should understand the boundaries of using “chat-speech”. If you are having a conversation and all of a sudden the person you are talking to says “LOL”, you kinda want to hit them in the head with a brick. It is annoying when people useing internet slang is their speech.