Topic Selection

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Trying to decide on a topic is one of the most common frustration points for students.

Here are a few tips to help you find the topic that’s right for you.

Tip 1 – Interest

  • Pick a topic that is interesting to you, something you want to know about it


  • If you do not care about your topic, you will not care about researching it and your paper will reflect that.

Tip 2 – Scholarly

  • Is your topic suitable for a college-level paper?
  • Does it fulfill the objectives of the assignment?
  • While you want your paper to be interesting, you also need it to be academic.

Tip 3 – Depth

  • If your topic is too broad for the length of your paper, you’ll only scratch the surface.
  • If it is too narrow, you’ll never have enough information to fill your pages.

Tip 4 – Resources

  • Can you find resources on your topic?
  • Scholarly journal articles, books, eBooks and websites with verifiable information are all good places for research.
  • Use our resources by subject page to help you find resources for your project.

Tip 5 – Research

  • Start thinking about the ways you’ll look for your research.
  • Besides the main words in your title, try to think of other keywords, or similar words, that might help you in your searching.
Created June 2020