Addax nasomaculatus


  • Domain: Eukarya Single celled or Multicellular Cells have at least one nucleus

  • Kingdom: Animalia This Addax is Heterotrophic and rely's on other living organism for life. They do not have cell walls and, they reproduce sexually.

  • Phylum: Chordata Segmented muscles/ joints. Ability to digest and break down foods. cartalidge or bone is present somewhere in the body.

  • Sub-phylum: Vertebrata movement depends on Endoskeloton. Digestive system with liver and pancreas. Vertebratal chain of bony elements.

  • Class: Mammalia Three ear bones to protect from predators and to hear prey and defend cubs. Hair to protect from extreme weather conditions. Produce milk from memory glands.

  • Order: Artiodactyla Large carnivoral food source. Most Diverse group. Breeding once a year.

  • Family: Bovidae Grassland species. human domestication. young hide and follow at all times.

  • Genus/Species: Addax nasomaculatus


General Description

  • Length 72 cm in length in average height for Addax male and female
  • Height usually they are 150 170 cm as an adult for male and female
  • Weight They weigh 60 to 125 kg 60 as a kid 125 as an adult
  • Color White in color during the summer and grayish brown during summer
  • Natural Range They live in Western Sahara desert they live in stony desert areas
  • Food They eat grass and other vegetation foods.
  • Predators All carnivores and humans

Physical Adaptation

Occur in Desert or in Western Sahara area and live near stony element. They used spiral pointy horns to fight off predators When they feel harmed , they usually try to stay in home range to stay away from predators in all. They breed only once a year and young always trace their parents There is a black tuft on there forehead to block out the sun. There hooves are spread making it easy to walk through sandy deserts Addax are heavy and they are slow in running they get hunted very easily not only by other feline carnivores but by us to . there is a black tuft of hair on the foreheadthere is a black tuft of hair on the foreheadthere is a black tuft of hair on the forehead

Behavioral adaptation

Addax move together and not very far at all they travel with 5-20 other Addax with them Herds are always led by the biggest Addax male with the longest horns. The male Addax keeps one territory and tends to stay there but females don't keep a single territory because the male mates with several females in its territory. It eats only grass and Sahara vegetation foods it travels great distances to find these foods Addax breed in the winter usually once a year they tend not to stay around areas of free water due to the moisture in the plants they eat also they stay around free water because hats were most its prey



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